Pretty Store Signage~windows are done!

 Finally! My store has signage~and I was very happy
with how it came out!
Its feminine and pretty and to the point~
 My sign designer, Dave Larson, has been doing
 this for decades and he didn't disappoint.
Here he is putting on the Amy Chalmers Designs sign~
I had to take down the chandy and move the draperies.
 So while Dave was busy at the windows I was busy myself~
I had a big day of Chalk Paint™ sales and then I 
had a few minutes to play with the camera...
I noticed how perfectly the pink chandy went 
with the Antoinette and Versailles table.
Certainly has that Shabby Chic look that I love~ 
 I picked up a few things at Sally Barker's antique shop Counting Sheep.
(Besides more Chalk Paint™)
I found this perfect Shabby Chic wastebasket ~
And a pair of wonderful hold backs~!
These huge drapery hold backs are going to 
make a statement...then I got out some of my color samples
some wallpaper that was going in the antique desk....
and it all looked so pretty together.
 And finally I got to pop a can of Florence! 
Wowsers~that is some color!
I picture it with gold and dark wax and maybe some Coco...
When Dave was done with the windows I had him
take out the projecting sign so I could see how it looked. 
I picked out the color to match Henrietta~
 Its going to overhang the sidewalk like this from
 a huge French iron spear like bracket.
 Here is the bracket~really handsome!
 Hubby will hang it up for me soon.
 Until then, I am so pleased with the window signs...
the only downside is that the 
window treatments make the signage kind of disappear~
so that might call for a new design in the drapery department.
 Wherever the ivory panel crosses behind the white lettering 
it disappears~not so much when you are walking right by,
 but from across the street like I am here, it is noticeable.
But I'll figure it out...enjoying them too much right now to care!
 Dave Larson designed my business card too~and that is 
the same logo design we used in one of the windows.
 So pretty!!!
I'll share the big Maison Decor sign as soon as it gets up!! 


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