Pink Mirror Goes Italian

 My beloved Pink Mirror with silver highlights. 
A Gorgeous green and gold french chair~
the inspiration for my mirror's new look.
 And a dash of Italian style a la Florentine!
I love Florentine trays and tables...look at this pink beauty.
It is perfectly aged and just the right color gold.
Oh forget the pink...we just repainted over the pink.
This green and gold florentine tray is a bit high powered, 
but that is the drift I am heading towards with my mirror.
My mirror went through 6 processes. 
 My new pillow, that started all of this, 
 is in reference range as I get my paints on the palette.
 The first coat was a putty color 
and then I added aquas and greens to the details.
 The next step will be adding Hemants wax in 
dark brown to give it an antique look. 
The bottom of this picture shows the dark wax finish
 on top of the putty and green/aqua..
The top of the picture shows me starting to
 add champagne highlights with a fan brush.
After that I used a little rub n' buff in gold leaf 
to give it that gold florentine feel.
However the wax really changed the aqua-ness of the paint, 
shown above,
 and dulled it down to a more antique green color.
So I reapplied some aqua paint on top of 
certain areas to pull out out more of that color.
 This took awhile~ I had no energy left for styling and fluffing.
I will show off how it looks in the room later.
She is a pretty grown up mirror,  
not as sassy as the pink one, but a flirt none the less.
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