Pink Mirror in Living Room

 The pink mirror gets an audition in the living room.
This is the oval mirror that is normally in this room.
After making up the linen pillows that tied together 
the purple transferware and the aqua blues of the dining room, 
the dining room is feeling more cohesive....
except that PINK is now the third color 
and it no longer feels right.
Three is a color crowd, when they are in equal parts.
The living room is mostly grey and white with splashes of blue and pink.
I have pink painted bookcase backs,
and a pink rug.
So I thought the pink mirror might look great in here.
 However it doesn't feel as nice as the oval mirror did.
The pink mirror is too bossy~
it takes over the room.
I couldn't decide until I took these pictures and looked on my monitor.
So it will reclaim its spot in the dining room...
and get ready for a makeover.
It is the perfect size and style mirror for this chest, no doubt about it.
Something so lonely about this oval mirror here...
 the switcheroo did not work.
I now know what needs to be done to make it look right.
These are the dining room colors I have to work with.
I will miss my pretty pink mirror,
but do hope I will love the new look just as much.

I'll be sharing the new painted finish soon~

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