Betsy visits Maison Decor!!

Truth be told, I called Betsy Speert to come help me figure out how to make my store look like what I imagined it to be~it was getting overwhelming, and I was feeling that my shop had no rhyme or reason. So I put out the mayday call, and Betsy answered!  I will tell you this~she is ALL THAT when it comes to being a fabulous designer....she created sense out of my inventory/stuff, and before my very eyes, things were transformed!! But since it is getting late this Friday evening, and I am going across the street to the Pearl Street Station for the steak tip combo plate with hubs and Colin, I will come back tomorrow and show you the befores and afters and action photos of my FAVORITE designer making magic at Maison Decor!!!!! You won't want to miss it!

Read Betsy Speert's post on her store visit here 


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