Wallpapering the armoire doors

 Tuesday found me back at the shop after the nice weekend...
I finished up the custom painted bedroom bureaus and 
now have the waxing to do....but this morning I needed 
a change of pace and turned my attention to the armoire 
I have been painting the color French Linen in Chalk Paint™. 
The inside of the cabinet was going to need a face lift
 and so I turned to a roll of leftover wallpaper~
 I matched the wallpaper up to Annie Sloan™
 Louis Blue Chalk Paint™ and hatched a plan.
This paper was leftover wallpaper from my dining room china cab.
I loved it then and I love it now!
 I painted the outlines of the doors with the Louis Blue, and
 then cut out wallpaper to fit the interior of the panels.
 However there was a tv that once lived in this armoire 
that the owner accommodated by cutting a hole in the 
back of the cabinet...it was designed for clothing,
 not electronics...Anyway I had a plan for that too.
 I papered a piece of cardboard to cover up the hole...and once
 it is filled with the vintage bedding and draperies
 it should kind of disappear~
 But wallpaper doesn't want to stick to cardboard...
so for now it will have to do, but I will figure out another way.
I got a big load of white chenille spreads and 
linen dust ruffles~all perfect for the summer
beach house guest room! Next time I will show off the old linens, ok?
 Trying to get things priced and set out on tables~
like a lilac ticking pillow case! 
 A few pretty vintage table cloths too are new to the store, this one is linen,
with purple, pink and red garden flowers on the border.
Colin and Justin
 Son number one, Justin, came by to see my store 
and told me if this shop was in Boston,
people would "gobble up" my things! 
It was so nice to hear!! He lives in 
a very trendy high rent district~
and my shop would fit right in he said...
 It was so nice to see him, and he loved my store!
 And he likes to goof on me too...
 We had a few laughs and a nice long visit and 
then he went back to his life in Beantown.
So if you are in the Boston area and you are looking for
 some Annie Sloan™ supplies~specifically her world famous 
Chalk Paint™ Decorative paint~then come on 
by Maison Decor at 50 Summer Street, Malden Mass. 
 You will very likely catch me in the act of wallpapering walls 
or cabinets, or painting furniture or stitching up a slipcover!


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