Shop Series: Corona, craigslist, cream color

 My day started early~but this shot is the last shot of the day~! Now I am able to start hanging things up and playing with the composition of all the goodies for the shop. I have to say I am really enjoying it~
did you know that a Corona is a small version of a crown?  Its the ultimate french statement~having such a decorative element above your bed or your settee~I couldn't wait to hang it up on the wall and tie the damask linen panels from the inner ring...I have an old iron bed frame in my garden that I plan to bring to the shop, to create a little boudoir scene~but for now I stuck the frenchy chair in between the panels.
Its pretty~all vanilla-ish and tole roses going 
around in an arch...many ways to use these...
I wondered if I might hang one above each shop window 
and tie off the panels~quite french and dramatic I would think.
 But lets start at the beginning of my day~Mr. Maison Decor wanted to participate in the tribute to a murdered police chief in Greenland NH~this chief  was gunned down in a drug raid, after rescuing one of his own~he was fatally shot when he pulled an officer to safety.  Its wonderful how policeman from other counties and states will go to the funeral of a fallen brother to show respect to the family and officer killed in the line of duty.  There is a quiet noblity about that gesture~
I rarely see my hubs in his dress uniform (gloves not on here)~so I asked him
if he would come outside so I could photograph him...
He is the guy you want when you have a problem~
just like that police chief that gave his life for another.
 While hubs went off to pay his respects, 
I went back to Camille's house for another round of frenchy stuff.
 Camille called me and said she found "more stuff that you like"...
so  I went right over, loaded up the car and then headed for the shop~
 As I turned the corner, this is what I saw~
 Mike, the landlord, hard at work scrubbing the old oak door
 that is the entrance to the apartments
above and is a door right next to my shop~he also was cleaning the 
cement to remove staining around my #50 in brass letters 
set into the cement and cleaning the marble entryway floors.
 This is the product he was using~
 Ancient marble~ok, well 110 years old at least~I love how it looks.
 A straightforward grid of marble tiles in a 
well traveled entrance way has stood the test of time.
 Look at the oak wainscoting on this entry
 and right up the stairway it continues~
 Then Mike surprised me by showing off the two original lanterns
 to both entrances. He took down the one over the apartment 
door to refurbish it like the one that used to hang over my door, 
that he just finished restoring. We are going to get an electrician
 and have it re-installed to is rightful place~!
 While Mike was cleaning the cement and doorway I got to getting 
the Mora clock ready to paint in a custom order of cream and 
old white~this is the taupe finish it comes in, which is heavily distressed.
 I also arranged all 6 botanicals on the beadboard as 
there was a lot of interest in this pretty collection.
 Each depicts a different flora~
 And the frame is a chippy creamy beige and white with bits of gilding.
 The next fabulous landlord move was to reinstall
 this old fashioned screen door! Now I can have my front door 
open and no flies or bugs can come inside. Mike made this himself
 to fit my oversized door...he made it for the last tenant and right
 after he installed it, they asked him to take it back down, 
so I am glad it was still in the cellar so I could use it!
 I unpacked my treasures from Camille, 
which included some frenchy mirror for vanity tables~
 This one has antiqued mirror with roses circling it~
 I am loving using this space as a studio for painting 
the clocks and also the wings~
you can see a pair of angel wings on the saw horses~
I am making them old white and gilding them for that 
shabby paris look~not too rustic~just aged elegance...
 This is the mora in cream and old white~looking at the photo 
I will consult with the buyer and see if she would like me 
to put some cream inside the crown area, 
instead of just old white, before I ship~
Another long day but a day much enjoyed~I have an auction on Saturday,
 a bank report to write, a sign application to fill out and file,
 and on Sunday we are gonna lug one of those 
giant soap stone sinks up the shop!!! 
OMG~I can hardly wait!!

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