Country Hutch's Pink Interior

The interior of the office hutch got a coat of Antoinette Chalk Paint®.
Shown here with a basic off white background, I wanted to add a touch of pink.
I've got pink chandy crystals, and some pink in my Shabby Chic display board~
(being featured this month in Romantic Homes mag, by the way)
Little fabric swatches of pink and blue hang 
on the opposite end of my office.
Painting the hutch interior pink will 
repeat the shots of soft pink 
in this mostly creamy beige color palette.
 After I painted the right side of the cabinet,
I moved all the stuff to the other side and finished it off.
 Its soft and subtle and when loaded up with treasures its just a nuance of pink.
I'll share how the office looks after I do one more interior in (yup) PINK!
 Antoinette is good for that I think~a nod of pink
 It really put the finishing touch on this cabinet~
and as you can see from the photo below,
it isn't screaming pink~its gentle.
So many wrote and said they loved it~thank you!
 The Antoinette pink with dark wax on the french chair
takes on a more nude or blush appearance~
so if you want a piece to read more pink, use clear wax.
 As far as the clock being hung too high~ I KNOW I KNOW!!
 Hubby was home and wanted to hang it for me.....
we both agree it is too high, but since I am getting a
 replacement (this one had a slightly crooked face),
 I figured I would wait to adjust the hanging position.
But I should have known better! 
After all this is a design blog, and I can't hope
 you won't notice things like this~so thanks for the helpful tips
 that I need to lower it...don't worry~ it will be lowered...
and it will be a different color when you see it next.


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