Order a Mora clock and Pink Roses

I have a couple of clocks to sell, so stay with me
if you are interested!  Lets talk about pretty stuff first.
 A simple bunch of supermarket roses can elevate the mood of a room.
 This sugar pink bunch is breathtakingly beautiful~I couldn't stop snapping photos.

 In every pretty magazine shot, you will always notice flowers.
  Its the secret weapon of the photo stylist~but even if you aren't
taking photos or putting your house in a magazine, adding fresh flowers
to your rooms will make them more inviting.
 Ah~the mora wall clock!  
So many of you were interested in these
I am selling them now.
 I'll be painting them with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and 
putting them in my online shop~  
52" tall x 14" wide x 3" deep, 
runs on one AA battery and is silent. 
Since the clock took it spot in the living room,
 I moved the little french desk
into the dining room. I edited this post and added this photo
when I saw a reader from Turkey said she would miss it...
well, don't worry,  its still here!
The combination of the pink roses and the blue opaline
 and the mora clock just makes for one pretty room~
and I love pretty!


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