New additions to my Etsy shop

 An elegant little 3 piece covered soap dish has an insert to keep the soap dry.
 You could also hide the ugly scrubby pads in here as well
 as use it on your desk for paper clips and rubber bands~
 The shabbiest of trays, I picked this off the fair ground fields at Brimfield.  
There is something very chinoiserie about this tray~
Gold baroque style beveled mirror came from the auction last weekend~
I will only buy mirrors if I plan to sell them 
(as my collection of mirrors is overflowing)!!
 An instant collection of little creamers, also culled from Brimfield.
They make a darling group on a kitchen or a bathroom shelf.
How about on a window sill with one bloom each?
 This dresser set I found at Brimfield has
 the cologne bottle, the perfume bottle and the powder box~
it is in perfect condition and in my favorite color. 
The identical set, in pink, is on eBay now for over $300!
My favorite color again in a cottage coffee pot~
wouldn't it be pretty filled with queen anne's lace or pink carnations?
These items and many more are available for purchase at my Etsy shop.

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