Our Vintage Baby Grand Piano

I bought this painting last year at an antique shop in NH.
The glamorous mother in a yellow gown plays
as her daughter watches her in this very grand room. 
This painting captured me, as art should.
Did I know I would be getting my very own piano one day?
A friend who is relocating to Florida offered it to us!
It was her mother's piano and her very favorite possession.
I was honored to have it come to our home.
Would you like to see how they move a piano?
Death Wish Piano Movers 
I think their company name is unforgettable!

 The piano is on the flatbed of the crane
 wrapped in a blanket.

It is getting hoisted up and onto our side porch.
Hubby watches them move it carefully past the wires
Its being unhooked now and placed on a dolly
In through the side door...
I had moved everything off the front porch:
the wreath, the urns, the watering cans, 
the furniture on the lawn...
only to find them using their crane and 
popping it up over the railings on the side porch!
Through the kitchen and the dining room...
Here it comes, into its new room!
The dead corner by the stair case was going
 to be perfect for this baby grand!
There were 3 guys doing this work.
They screwed the legs and the lyre back on and then 
using a special tool you can see attached
 to the bottom of the piano here,
they roll it over onto it's legs!
The legs and the tool before they attached it.
Hubby sits down right away and tickles the ivories.
His grandfather was a piano tuner!
Guess who will be making a 
new cushion cover tomorrow?
This vintage Janssen Piano is gorgeous.
 It has pretty legs and carvings~
one fitting for Maison Decor, n'est pas?
So my painting found it's perfect spot....
All of my favorite colors and such a romantic painting.
I'd love to know the story behind it.
Welcome Baby Grand!
The next day I had to style it.
A pair of crystal candlesticks I had from when I bought
Mrs. Mahoney's house and some of her furnishings.
I love them!
I understand she bought them in Spain.
 I have never seemed to find the right spot for them until now.
The darling little ceramic girl in the aqua dress
 was made by my Grammy in her ceramics class.
She looks perfect with our new aqua rug
 and the ladies in the portrait above.
Add a dash of vintage sheet music from my hubby's cousin....
Our lovely piano!
What a treasured gift from a friend~
 Thanks Sara!

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