Embellishing mirrors with appliques

 I love the look of beautiful mirrors encrusted with layers of moldings.
So this idea of using a nice enough mirror and then building it up
with layers of moldings was hatched.  Using the latex moldings and appliques
we sell at Maison Decor I took one of my mirrors into the shop with the 
intention of channeling my inspiration mirror, below.
I particularly liked the way the moldings were laid over the mirror part.
The contact cement used to apply the Efex latex moldings will attach
the molding to glass and mirror as well as wood or composite.
 Here is the layout of the Efex moldings. I played around with a few
combinations and started laying them out and drew a sketch
so I would remember how to reassemble.  I took a few pics as well.
Now they would all come off and get painted then glued then returned
in order of bottom layer to the top.
 I have used both latex paint and Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan on these
moldings in the past, and for this project it was the latter.
A coat of Old White and these babies were ready to be glued as soon as they
dried.  I traced the moldings onto the wood frame and the mirror using a lead
pencil, then applied the contact cement on the back side of the molding as well as
onto the glass and the wood frame.
 After waiting 20 minutes I repositioned the moldings onto the mirror and the frame. You can see the yellow glue. After this dries in about a half hour, it can be painted and you will not see the glue.
Regular glue or hot glue will not work on latex moldings. These latex moldings are flexible and are a joy to work with as they can bend over the ridges of the mirror.  To remove any excess glue on the mirror use a bit of mineral spirits on a cloth to dissolve the cement. 
The finished mirror made more beautiful 
with layers of applied Efex moldings.
I think I have the perfect spot for it~
right over this mantle that I did earlier this month using a combination
of Efex latex moldings.  Don't you think it will look amazing?!
Create some magic for your home by adding some Efex.
I can't wait to hang my "new" french mirror!
 I grabbed this charming bowl of roses at  my last visit to HomeGoods.
 It adds a bit of romantic cottage style to the living room.
Look for the mantle-mirror reveal next week!!

Disclaimer: Part of this post is sponsored by HomeGoods Happy by Design Pinterest program.  
All designs and opinions expressed on my blog are my own.

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