Ragging the walls and more Cobblestones

 Round two on the floors at the new Reading store had Colin taking over completely after about 5 hours of squatting and shifting across the floor. I couldn't take it anymore! My knees and butt were worn out and any muscles found in the gluteus maximus were being rediscovered with a vengeance and they begged me to be kind and knock it off!! So at about 4 in the afternoon I switched to ragging the walls. At least I could stand and climb a ladder and when I got down low I could plop onto the ground and sit on my fanny.  This pic was taken by hubby as he stopped by to see our progress around dinner time...I think he was looking for his wife but she was no where to be found.
 While Colin continued on the slow going cobblestone creation I got to the ragging~there was a lot of ponytail flying and hands moving in quick motions.
 I ragged the walls with smears of Chalk Paint® in Country Grey and Paris Grey. Spritzed with a water bottle and then ragged the mixture across the wall doing two foot sections at a time.  You hardly use any paint doing this technique and it gives such an atmosphere~and its fun! 
 Hubby took his mom along for the ride and here she watches her daughter in law make something new look old. I am not quite sure she gets this idea...haha! 
 Colin and I were out the door so early and we were determined to get the cobblestones done. But we underestimated how time consuming it is to faux every cobble....and so after many hours of doing the squats I switched to the walls. This picture is so funny because I have my gym pants on backwards!! And I didn't even realize it...that is how much in the zone I get when I open a store. I am so focused on getting there and doing stuff that I will find myself wearing mismatched socks and in this case backwards pants!
 Anyway, the walls were coming along nicely~
 And quickly!
 Colin shows off the colors we used for the cobbles~French Linen and Paris Grey.

 This was our system when we worked together...see my "knee pad resting station" right there? Its a folded over drop cloth. Anyway,  I start by laying out the cobbles sponges after rolling them with paint, and then Colin follows along and adds smears and swipes of French linen and Graphite and then sponges it in.
 Very simplistic, but what a great effect when you are standing up looking at it~!

 I made a little rolling cart with a box to hold the paint so I could push it along the floor.  You have to think of ways to make life easier on jobs like this.

By the end of yesterday we got this far~half the floor and half of a wall...its getting there. But here is the kicker:  I scheduled our family vacation a year ago for this coming week, having no idea I would be opening a store. Ugh. So today I leave for a vacation and Colin and Justin are going to complete the store or do as much as they can. So til then both you and I will be in the dark and have to wait to see how it all comes out!!!! OMG!!! Can I walk away and give up this much control?  I will try my best~          

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