Betsy Returns and makes more gorgeous in the store!

Betsy Speert came back~it was Monday, the day I 
am normally closed....but right away I had two customers 
call to see if I could open for them~I told them come on down...
they needed their Annie Sloan™ supplies!  So while Betsy
 was busy at work I was able to make a few sales in 
between making the store even more elegant than I thought possible!
 Lisa came back for her second visit to Maison Decor~
this time to get some Graphite Chalk Paint™ and wax, 
and while she was looking around she bought 3 
of my wire industrial lights for over her kitchen sink windows! 
They are made to look rusted and old, but are brand new~
you can see her laughing at something Betsy was saying~
 Wire Pendants~ $44.95
 Betsy did her thing styling and making pretty and I was loving it!
 She was up on ladders, banging nails, arranging 
pictures and accessories~a tour de force!
She was the name in window treatments for the last two decades!! 
 We both loved how the curtain panels looked hanging 
over the french settee~and do you want to know
who was taking our picture as we discussed the draperies?
 Say cheese!!!
 It was my little sister Ellen, who popped
 in for a visit while we were working on the shop.
I had her pose next to the french chairs I started working on...I
 custom mixed a Tiffany blue color
and I will be adding silver leaf~I loved how this chair 
looked! Betsy loved them too, and wanted to buy a pair, 
leaving me with a pair...she took one home on loan to see if it will work.
 We wanted to hang the Angel Wings in a better location 
as they really are fabulous~! Betsy gasped 
as I pounded the wall with the nails and hammer...haha! 
 I won't mention I had to do it twice....its hard to 
hang things in a straight line when you eyeball it!!
Betsy had the idea to create a little enclosed area on the
 right side of the shop because when you look in the window 
all you see is straight back to the store where I have my 
workshop and painting area and it ain't pretty.  Betsy
 turned the white side by side antique desk/bookcase so it 
created a focal point where the eye would land~instead of the back wall.
 This is the side by side I am working on now too~it is in Pure White Chalk Paint™.
And there it is at the end of the space she created....
 I love how the store is looking~really pretty and well laid out.
Betsy said it looks like #!$#* Anthro meets *&##$ Ballards Designs!
And it kinda does...!
Had to catch Betsy  with her camera~getting her blogging material. See the blue chair?
It just has the first coat of custom paint...a lot more is going to happen so stay tuned.
Here are a few shots from around the store~
A set of  antique kitchen canisters I just got at auction 
look pretty all stacked up by the armoire~ 

 I happen to love botanicals~
Ok~thats it!! I worked a full day on my day off, and loved 
every minute. It was truly fulfilling to get all this accomplished
 with Betsy Speert's talent and help. I will be back in the 
morning to finish cleaning off my desk  and getting back to business!! 
Thanks Bets!!
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