Making a lamp out of an antique candlestick~and store pics

 A pair of antique Italian candlesticks on marble bases
 are in my shop for sale~I bought them at auction
 and I love to mix high style with low~
adding them to a garden table setting is just my style.
 The backs are usually not seen as most people put these 
on a mantel or against a sideboard~but here you can
 see the inside of the mold....then the other day I was
 reading Betsy Speerts blog and saw a post featuring my 
blog viewer/friend the other Betsy~she had a 
hall table and thats what was the topic of discussion...
but what captured my interest was what she had ON the hall table~
 It was an Italian candlestick that had been electrified~
Betsy Duggan
 then added her favorite blue opaline drops 
from it to created a one of a kind lamp.
The top has a candles sleeve with dripping wax 
to keep the feel of a candlestick..
Here is how the wire is attached to the hollow 
mold part of the back of the lamp~
with thin wire tied around the brass mold....
to see the lamp in its setting, 
click here to go to Betsy Speert's blog 
to see it on Betsy Duggan's hall table.
I have been adding to the store daily~it is a process, 
and one that will never end I imagine.
Adding more Annie Sloan niceties like the Ultimate Wax Brush!!
I got a lot of requests for this brush, and this is the one I use myself.
And I just got the convenient Pour Spout Lids 
that just snap over your cans of paint.
I also started working on Jason and Jill's coffee table~this giant 
coffee table is going to be subjected to little hands as
 they have 3 kids that have yet to get into elementary school!!
They found it on Craigslist and it had a shiny white paint job..
I am going to give it a distressed look in Country Grey and Old White~
distressed finish is great for households with kids!!! 
Here it is now with the Country Grey base and
 the sample laying on the top of it~
I'll share when its finished.
Have a great weekend everybody! 
I'll be here til 4~
Sunday and Monday off..
Only one spot left in the workshop~~


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