I'm Opening a Real Store!!

Its a dream come true for me, to open a retail location~
its an evolution of the blog and all the wonderful things
that I have found in blogland that has taken me to this place in time.
The little foggy sketch (I'll share a clearer rendering soon)
is how I imagine the shop to appear after I found a store front for rent.
This is the store front I found for Maison Decor the shop!
The last 22 years I have had my own interior decorating business
that began as a custom drapery business and expanded to 
helping my shop at home clients pick out paint colors 
for walls and accessories and furniture for their homes.
I had always dreamed of having a cute little decorating store~
as I imagine many of you have (or an antique shop)...
so this latest adventure will become a new series on my blog.
I will tell you how this came to become a reality for me,
and you will come along with me for the ride...
All the fun stuff, like fixing up a shop,
and buying things to put inside of it~
and the not so fun stuff of going to the planning board,
or making sure you have the financial end of it squared up.
 I am OVER the moon on this next phase of my life!!!
What I can share now is that it will be a French Home Decor shop~!
(But I bet you might have guessed that....ha!)
I went to auction last Saturday and found some pieces
like this enormous bust of Napoleon himself~
he will be a prop in my shop, I think he is just perfect!
I saw this piece in the auction cataloque 
and just had to have it for the shop.
Its an antique "side by side" with a curved glass door
 on the left and a drop down desk on the right~
Here I am at the auction preview snapping a pic of it..
I was keeping my fingers crossed that I wouldn't have to pay too much...
and when the bidding started, it was between me and another guy,
who happened to be an antique dealer...I almost quit,
but held on and this baby will be headed to the shop soon!!
A wonderful oak pew bench will be coming to the shop as well~
I see it painted and outfitted with tons of pillows!
I bought a big lot of Irish Linen~a total score~!
This was another special piece I wanted~
a Victorian Hall tree with outstanding details.
I had to call in the troops to help me get this stuff home~
hubby and Colin, my 20 year old did the job
with 4 truck loads~and we still have to go back this week to 
get two more loads!
This antique cement garden statue is supposed to have come from the 
Hearst Castle in San Simeon!  It weighs two thousand pounds.
A darling french maiden carrying a sheaf of wheat.
I want to have a garden section in my shop too~
So buckle up and come along for the ride~
I hope you will find this adventure almost as exciting as I do!
If you have ever dreamed of having a shop like I did,
this is gonna be a blog series for you!!!


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