Vintage Me and Pink Tole Trays

My First Birthday~
My dad just sent me this picture.
Here is my first heart shaped cake!
Mom made it and used white icing with 
pale pink for the ornamentation and the single candle. 
How sweet is that?
Funny to me is that I am wearing my brother's old
 Cowboy bib over a pale pink angora sweater made by my grammy.
And look on the highchair tray~a suction cup toy with a 
yellow rose with a bumblebee in the center!
I love roses~so this toy is so cute to see, 
and I was surprised to see it as 
I didn't think suction cup toys existed back in 1960.
I got a wonderful bouquet of peach roses with pink edges
for my birthday.
 But the birthday festivities are over and I am hunkered down getting all of our taxes sorted out~this is my least favorite job I am assigned in our household.
It is quite the opposite of how my creative brain wants to function, so every
fiber of my being must ignore the decorating impulse and focus on numbers.
Ugh.  However I do want to share one decorating thing with you all since you were soooo nice to me on my birthday with your well wishes and compliments!
 The pair of pink tole trays I owned found their way to the top shelves of the bookcases.  I think they look quite perfect and add a romantic pinch to the gray.
This pink is a pretty salmon pink, not too orange and not too blue. Think ballet slippers with a little more saturation. I have to hang the smaller tray on the bookcase wall to raise it up a bit, as it is smaller than its counterpart.
This bigger pink tray was in my Etsy shop~
but luckily no one bought it, 
so I was able to use it again and am happy I still had it.
Sometimes I get rid of things a little too quickly~
then wish I had it back! Do you ever do that?
 I just don't have the space to store things I don't use.
After I get my taxes all done, 
I will show how pretty the pink trays look
in the context of the room.
I have also been  busy working on the piano corner
 which is proving to be my biggest challenge to date.


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