Piano Corner gets a tune up

 This corner of the living room has been a challenge~
it is where the piano sits and its never felt quite right.
I love how the mirror turned out~
I wallpapered it with leftover aqua damask paper that I used in 
the dining room and then I hung up a collection of things on the wall~
 An oil painting, a watercolor, a needlepoint, an old botanical~
 A floral lamp in an urn shape was found at the thrift shop
Of course the shade was purchased new
 after I measured the lamp to get the right size.
You will often pay more for a shade than a lamp this way,
but you will have a one of kind light fixture.
I plan to add some trim to the shade to customize it.
After looking at the corner I decided to try the long bench 
with the aqua linen skirt at the piano~
it really looks nice. The white was quite stark and the aqua
brings out the colors in the mirror and the chair. 
 The camera washed out the color, it is a little darker than this shows.
 You might notice a watermark in the corner of some of the photos. I haven't tried using them before and don't know how to put a pretty one on yet, but I decided to figure it out after I got an email from a blog buddy telling me that my living room was being featured on someone else's blog without a mention.  It was the leading image~so I kindly asked for credit but had to think perhaps its time for watermarking.
So here is the piano corner mostly finished~
How did I do Betsy Speert?
The topiaries look very green~should I ditch them?
Maybe I'll stick the galvanized bucket 
with the pink flowers back on the center of the piano?
I asked Betsy for advice at  her Oy Vey! Q&A party.
I sent her a really old photo of the piano area.
Below is how it has been looking since last month.
The Before~ 
before I papered the mirror and hung 
all the artwork and switched out the bench
 and played with the lamp....
I am thinking it looks a lot better with these changes....
Its all in the details I guess~


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