February~valentines and birthdays

 February has always been a favorite month for me~
its my birthday month!
This illustration was drawn by an old friend
 who I never get to see anymore,
so I really treasure it.
She drew herself whispering in my ear at my birthday party.
The funny thing is we never were childhood friends,
we met as young moms.
 So the idea that she would create such a drawing 
for me showing us as childhood friends was quite special.
She drew in lavender streamers, knowing I loved purple and pink.
She even had me wearing a crown!
Its been in this old pink frame for years now.
 I had told her that on my birthday my mom 
would always bake me a cake using a heart shaped pan,
because my birthday is the day after Valentines Day.
A heart shaped cake~! None of my other 4 siblings would 
get a heart shaped cake~so it made me feel special.
Something so simple had such power. 
 That is what birthdays are all about, don't you agree?  
It is the one day in the year to get to feel extra special. 
 This hand made card and my heart shaped cakes 
over the years always did that for me.
I am the keeper of the heart shaped pans now~
and every year I make a cake!
Last year I shared my heart shaped cake here~
how fun it is to look back and see my old brown kitchen,
 knowing it is all white and pretty now!
I'll be making it again this year~and I'll be baking a heart shaped cake
 for my little step son too, as we share February birthdays.  
Do you have a birthday tradition that makes you feel special?


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