A Valentines Brunch for Two

 A valentines brunch for two. 
The table is set after being inspired by Eddie Ross' version
 of a fabulous table he set with the very same opaline goblets.
The tall tapers Eddie used look identical in color to the opaline goblets.
I'll be on the hunt for some, they look so fun!
I loved how he mixed in lots of pink, 
purple and orange to create a bohemian mood.
 My table is set with pale pink and the same robin's egg blue,
creating a more romantic instead of festive setting.
My opaline stash is stuffed inside the french desk~
 A paper valentine bunting drapes across the mirror

 My Nana's stemware sits next to the opaline goblet~
I only have two, one in green and one in pink.
 This ruffly blue vase is perfect for a valentine bouquet~
thanks to two of my readers
 that told me that the tulip is one cut flower that keeps growing
 and so that is why they flop over~
so I gave them a trim and was able to reuse them.
 I made the pink toile place mats long ago and 
have washed the green background right out of them.
I just might re-enact Eddie's table with the hot pinks and oranges~
for my birthday dinner!
Did I ever tell you about the time I got to 
meet Eddie Ross and his partner Jaithan Kochar?
I practically jumped over a sofa to meet him
 at a packed party in the NYC Design Center for the e-mag RUE's launch.
They couldn't have been nicer and more genuine, 
We traded stories about hunting for treasures
 at flea markets and the Salvation Army.
Anyway, it was really fun....
Meanwhile back here at Maison Decor
I am hoping to reveal the living room makeover on Monday~
its a special project with BlogHer called Monday Makeovers!
The mantle area got a winter update~
wondering what you all will think as it is a lot different!
Until I see you again~
"Far from thee be every care~"


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