Rustic Romantic Pillows

 Rustic and Romantic Pillows~
I made these large pillows for the sofa for a winter look.
 I used a french script fabric by Braemore and a roll of Michaels burlap ribbon.
I used large pillows I had and cut the fabric to size.  
This pillow cover was going to be quick and easy,
with no zippers~just stitched shut.  Script text fabric and burlap 
are both trending in a major way and this is an easy way to
 get the look and not feel guilty later when it becomes passe~
 these pillows will cost less than $20 for the pair.
 Cut the burlap ribbon right down the middle and give yourself 
enough ribbon to go around the edges 
of the pillow with about 6 inches extra.
 Super easy people~keep the right sides facing out and then fold
 the burlap over the raw edges of the pillow and starting in a 
bottom corner stitch it all together.  Run your stitching line right
 down the middle of the burlap ribbon so it catches the raw edge of the fabric. 
 This is going to give your pillow edge a flange effect.
 When you get to a corner, make a miter by
 folding it at an angle (google this if you don't get it!).
 Stop a few inches after you get around your last corner. 
 Insert the pillow~then continue stitching, and enclose the pillow.
At the very end, trim off the burlap ribbon so
 it has an extra inch or two and then turn it under, 
and finish stitching.  All done!
 I loved how this pillow came out~literally took less 
than 45 minutes to make these pillows.  
You could hot glue burlap ribbon trim to an existing pillow 
with text on it if you wanted to embellish it to get a more rustic look.
 Very pretty~a rustic romantic look for my winter sofa.
 Looking all perfect...
Ten minutes later look what I saw~
my rustic and romantic and rugged guy.
All comfy and cozy.  You just gotta smile.
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