A mold survivor~an antique chair's story

 This antique tapestry chair has lived a long life~
and it almost came to end.  It was stuck in a basement 
where mold began to grow.  
White patches covered the upholstery and the 
wood frame threatening to end its life. 
 This handsome chair needed to be saved~
 here is how I did it!
source  Newton Country Day School
About 30 years ago, my parents went to an auction fundraiser here, 
at my sister Ellen's school,  The Newton Country Day School. 
 This school is a Catholic girls school located near Boston College. 
 When I posted this pic it brought to mind my blog friend Tina's house!! 
source ~Tina's house!
Anyway, my parents bid on the chair and took it home where we had it for many years.  One can only wonder where this old money looking chair had lived before it came home with them~and after several decades, they gave the chair to my sister, who at some point put it in storage in a basement.  Last week I got an email from her with a list of things she was getting rid of~and this chair was one of them.  I told her I would love to have it.  When I picked it up, we saw it was covered in white patches~argh!  What to do...so I did a little homework on the subject and am very pleased with the results.  
 First thing to do, is to bring your chair outside so when
 you remove the mold it is not disbursed through your living space. 
I did not take any before pics as I was busy with the task at hand.
 Get a stiff brush, I used a horse grooming brush that we use on our big dog.  Give the upholstery a vigorous brushing.  The mold spores went flying off into the air with each brush stroke. Brush the entire chair, and underneath where the cambric is (the black piece of fabric that covers upholstered guts).
 Then I took Lysol sanitizing wipes and wiped down all the
 wood surfaces and the nail head trim.  
Next I sprayed the entire chair with Lysol, to kill
 any mold that was left lurking on the surfaces.
 I sprayed the fabric and the wood heavily. 
 Leave the chair to air dry for a half hour or a day...
I'll tack the trim back on when I take it inside.
 The chair came out fantastic! 
 No smell or hint of mold~I added it to the fireside.
 The living room is getting a bit of a winter makeover~
and this chair while mostly brown has aqua and purple tones
 in the pattern which is in my basic color palette.
Do you have a piece of history to save? 


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