Very feminine, very french and quite enchanting!
 Rusticly delicious and oh so enchanting!
Simplicity never felt so enchanting
Nothing more enchanting than this baby blue linen closet
An enchanting Habbersham kitchen in distressed grey
Why all this talk of Enchantment?
All of these images came from The Enchanted Home,
and today I am being featured at Tina's blog on her 
so please come on over!

Tina started her blog 4 months after I did and eventually we found each other.
So glad we did!
The world of blogging can be enchanting, 
and if you haven't had the pleasure of ever checking out Tina's blog,
let me say it is pure design porn!
So, Tina darling~I raise my glass to you and your bunch of elves.
(You do have elves helping you don't you?)
How you find so many wonderful images
and stitch them together for our 
recreational and educational viewing pleasure
is  why I find visiting your blog so ....

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