A New England Coastal Wedding and My Video Blooper

We had the pleasure of attending a wedding 
at the fabulous Wentworth by the Sea resort in New Hampshire.
This photo is from the hotel's website, 
however our event was in the afternoon.
Directly across from the ocean,
 this hotel opened in 1874 and has been fully restored. 
This hotel is affectionately known as the Grand Dame of the Sea .
The wealthy would vacation here along the seacoast, 
playing golf and spending time at the beach.
Coincidentally, my father lived at Wentworth by the Sea 
while he worked as a caddy on their golf course
during the summer of 1947!
There is my dad in his W sweater at the caddy tent~
Happy Fathers Day, Dad!
The wedding flowers were just gorgeous!
Urns were filled with roses, hydrangeas and peonies.
The ocean and river are right across the lawn,
 and every guest room in the hotel has an ocean view.
A rainbow graced the sky,
even though it never rained.
Weddings are such special moments in time,
 and make me think of my own happy wedding day.
We thought we were taking a picture, but it was on video mode,
so you might enjoy this little blooper of us being goofy.
Our best wishes to the bride and groom as they start their life together~
wishing them their Happily Ever After too!

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