Early Garden Tour

Today is so nice I just had to get outside and do some yard cleanup.
Gardening is one of my favorite things to do.
Our house is a sideways house~it sits sideways on the lot.
The pink swing hangs by the basement door, 
and our front door is up the granite steps.
I sprayed this old bike I found at the dump. 
Our walkway border has tulips blooming.
And more tulips in a small garden.
The garden house I built sits up high and holds a flower basket.
 I filled it with pansies in a pretty colorway called "antique".

This week the squirrels ate about 40 of my tulip blossoms
 right before they were ready to open.
I really hate squirrels now.
Squirrels may look cute, but they wreak havoc 
with the bird feeders and they destroyed my tulips.
I have never lost my tulips to squirrels before. 
They also dig up the pansies in the planters looking for bulbs I think.
The garden is just coming out of the bleakness of winter.
Pansies are the first touch of life. As soon as I can get them
I add them to my planters.
The big urn holds pansies and english daisies.
The cherry tree is in full blossom along with the forsythia.
I have too many chairs in my garden, so I will be playing around with 
the new vintage garden chairs and finding the right spot for them.
The garden is a little rough around the edges right now.
By mother's day it should look a lot nicer.
Hope the sun is shining where you are!
I'll be back to painting kitchen cabinets tomorrow.

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