A Decorator's Paradise

What do these things have in common?
a luxe chandy with pearls and beads....

a hot pink bohemian sofa....

miles and miles of silks....
oodles of tassels and trims...

They can be found where all 
the decorators in the Boston area flock:
This three story vintage building holds New Englands greatest
 collection of decorator fabrics, trims, and furnishings. 
Located in Lynn, Massachusetts,
 this family run business is over 100 years old!
They sell to the public as well as to the trade, 
so come with me and check this place out.

The fabrics go back as far as the eye can see. 
Get your plan in your head before you enter or 
you could be here all day distracted 
by all the lovely eye candy on bolts. 
I am a sucker for gorgeous fabric!

Lets take a peek upstairs. 
An Emporium!! 
Mahogany rails and pressed tin all over the place~
don't you just love it?

You can't turn a corner without something calling your name.
A sheer shade over a green silk shade...wow! 
Just look at the incredible light fixtures. 
This place has the best chandeliers, hands down.
Iron and pink pearls...
Petite crystal chandys..
they look beautiful in front of the pearlized tin wall!
But there is so much more to see...
A french settee with amazing crewel work

A pretty console with lattice windows 
in a shabby chic finish..

Sofas, tables, rugs, lights...
this post would go on forever if I showed it all.
Lets hop down to the cellar!
Follow me...
Guess whats in here?
Trims, Sheers, Remnants and more...

Row after row of trim, and if you can't find what
 you want check out the library of trim books to the left.
I was on the hunt for a melon pink beaded trim for my client.
This one may be the winner...
Its like being in the library of tassel trim. 
Pillow forms, cording, upholstery supplies...
Zimmans has it all!
Bargain hunters can hit the remnant table
 and make out like bandits.
I've been known to grab a few myself.
Zimmans also makes custom window treatments, like I do.
They have a beautiful display of styles to help a customer choose.
Very nice!
If you need help finding something special, just ask Glenn. 
This guy knows everything!
Remember this name!
Tell Mike I sent you! 

Thats me with Mike Zimman.
Mike, I love your store!! 
Without Zimmans I would have a devil of a time
 running my business.
 Thanks Mike!

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