Fab Faux Beadboard

Beadboard fantasy becomes a reality for Maison Decor.
My dining room is undergoing a makeover. 
I recently had painted it pink and yellow.
 Before this it was a beigey yellow, BM Hepplewhite Ivory.
 I thought I wanted more color.
So pink and yellow it was!
It looks nice doesn't it?
I just found out that I can't live with that much color.
So I decided to get rid of the pink and try beadboard wallpaper!
All you need is a square, a tape measure and scissors
 and start cutting off your lengths.
This is going to look more realistic because
 there is a chair rail and baseboard in place.
It went on very easily. 
I prepped the wall with sizing and then
 applied the paper with pre-mixed wallpaper paste from Lowes. 
The paper was from Graham and Brown. 
I ordered it online after reading about
 @Surroundings successful kitchen makeover.
Off to a good start...I am getting really excited now! 
That chippy blue box I found in NH holds our family's recyclables.
Super easy, I would say anyone could do this project!
 The paper is heavy foam coated paper with
 grooves in it that simulate actual beadboard.
Look how great it came out!
I will be painting it soon to finish it, 
but this is how it looks right after you put it up!
Part of the dining room makeover is going to be
 a color change that will incorporate pale swedish blue.
When I saw these frenchy chairs at
 Rustique in New Hamphshire,
 I grabbed them!
Bridget, the owner, did her famous pale blue color and added toile upholstery. Love!
So this is step one, with the beadboard and new chairs!
More changes are coming, but look at the lightness the room has now.
A little farmhouse...
More on the horizon, but I am loving this!
Beadboard wallpaper!

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