Gift Guide for Guys

Baby its cold outside! 
Christmas is on its way and it will be here next week.
Our dog Dillon will be getting a new bone, but what do you
get for the man on your list?  Dogs and kids are easy~
men are the toughest to buy for, don't you agree?
Forget the ties, the dress shirts and the new slippers.
Check out these suggestions from our online store
If you order by Wednesday we will have it shipped out and 
on its way to you so you can get it wrapped and put under your
tree before Santa comes!
We just got an order in the shop and hope to close a few sales
before the holiday arrives.  But if you are one of our readers
who lives far away, this post is for you!
 Justin and I just unpacked these great architectural prints.
 They have an antiqued creamy ivory background with a slightly distressed black frame.
 These would give any wall that coveted library look, so appealing to men.
 Just get ready to break out the cigars after you hang them up.
 Miniature antique brass measuring tapes would be fun to add to his stocking....
 Miniature magnifiers in antique brass fold into a covered pouch.
 So easy to carry in his pocket, they'll make it easy on his eyes
when reading that lunch menu with tiny script in the club.
 Twine on a carved wooden spool!  This sits neatly on a desk top
or kitchen countertop and looks as handsome as it is functional.
 Accessories for the family room~
these candle holders definately have a masculine feel.
 Dogs! Men love dogs!! We have three different dog statues in a stone like resin.
Pale grey and charcoal tones.  Bulldog (not shown here), a lab and a great dane.
These dogs make great room accessories too.
 A table clock in black and gold has that "born to the manor" masculine feel.
Long rustic branch hooks are perfect for holding many things including hats.
Have you ever tried to hang a cowboy hat off a short hook?
These are cast iron and heavy hooks with a green wash over dark brown finish.
Get a few and hang a series in a row.  These are very cool!
A tall wooden architectural finial holds a round 
school house style clock from an iron hook.
Back by popular demand, this clock can easily be moved around.
Great on a desk, a foyer table, or as part of 
any tabletop decor, this clock is a winner!
We enjoyed our family Christmas movie last week, and here is 
a quick collage photo of some of our moments.
Take time to make some Christmas memories for you and yours,
and don't let the gift shopping stress you out too much.
And as always, we want to thank you for 
reading and shopping at Maison Decor!


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