Orb chandeliers, Mora clocks and an early Christmas

Our new shop has been open for about 100 days now at 150 Main Street, Reading, MA.
Every location or area has a different vibe and customer base and because
of that our store in Reading is a little different than the one we had in Boston 
and the one we started out with in Malden.  I am enjoying this shop the most,
(although I know Justin would pick Boston hands down).  Colin is happy to 
be where ever he is needed and getting things done.  Anyway, we have
been doing lots of custom work in our Reading store as well as both big and small
home decor items with price points for all so no one is excluded from finding 
a treasure to go home with from Maison Decor.  We all love our new
Iron Orb Chandeliers that arrived last week.  Colin got this big one hung up
in the front window and it looks amazing all lit up, especially at dusk when we
are driving away from the store.  These chandeliers are very similar to a style
sold at Restoration Hardware, which is what attracted me.  The price point is 
so much better I just had to have a few in the shop!  
 We have a smaller Iron Orb Chandelier without the crystal chandelier inside 
if you want a more pared down look over your table or foyer. 
 Tip of the day: hang your chandelier 
so the bottom of it is 30" off the top of your table. 
 If you want it to feel a bit more intimate
hang your chandelier a few inches lower. 
Nothing worse than a chandelier too high off of a table,
unless is is a hideous chandelier and you don't want to look at it! 
 Take a look at the store front above as it is now completely revamped!
We spent our family day off (Sunday) all working together
to get the store retail ready for Christmas.  I know!! I am the shopper
who hated seeing anything Christmas related until after Thanksgiving.
Now I am seeing it in shops around here before Halloween!! It is a hard line 
for me to cross, but as a shop owner you just have to do it and get your holiday
items out onto the floor early.  We waited til after Halloween because it 
just did not seem right to jump the gun that much....after all we will have to live
in the store everyday for two whole months before Christmas arrives.
Our Maison Decor Christmas style will have very little in the way of 
red and green decor.  As time goes on we will share some of the 
vignettes and Christmassy things here and on Facebook with you.
 One simple and little thing that has me excited is our 
new tissue wrap in black and white toile!
I just love it! When it came in I used it as a liner for this 
chicken wire basket for our leaf orbs.
 So french and so classic and it will look wonderful at holiday time too!
 We got new black shopping bags to tuck the toile tissue inside 
for our gift buying customers. Just peel off the price tag and 
you have a gift already wrapped up for that
 chic party hostess gift.  It makes it easy whenever you need that 
 "grab a gift and go"! 
Colin has been doing some merchandising and display work around
the shop and I have to say he has a talent for display.  I think it was his 
nature to take a back seat to me and Justin so the other day I walked
by an area and noticed he had arranged some things and they looked great!
Above photo is me just snapping him in front of this big french buffet
piece that a decorator brought in for us to paint for her client.
Its a custom green mix and it will be getting distressed and dark waxed.
This is an iPhone photo so its not the greatest but it gives you a dramatic
look at the before and during which shows how much a piece can change
with a stroke of a brush! We offer custom painted furniture services,
so call the shop if you want to get a quote on your piece.
 That antique french chair is getting a custom makeover too.  
You can see it in the workshop
area, the same table we hold our Chalk Paint Workshops at.  
The chair has the typical gold paint over off white trim on the frame.
  I was asked to do this for a designer 
and I will be sharing more on where this piece is going and how it ends up looking.
However for now, this is the during phase as well. 
The frame is in Old White and will have a pearlized 
blush with a tinted wax finish.  
Then the fabric will be switched out for this beige linen with a silver
metallic thread.  It will be stunning I am quite sure, updated and elegant!
 I cannot wait to see it all finished and will be sharing it here.
 Here is our Deluxe Mora Clock in Antique White. 
 You may have seen it in Gustavian Grey and Pale Blue 
and now here is the Antique White!
Justin has been doing all of our Deluxe Mora Clocks
and they are incredibly beautiful.
He has done an amazing job on their antique style faces
which is why these clocks are even more popular than our
Classic Mora Clock Reproductions.
He has been training Colin and it won't be long before 
he is up to speed and Maison Decor will have two Mora Clock 
Master Painters able to create these stunning reproductions! 
This clock has already been shipped to its forever home~
and a few more are on their way today.
And the flowers in the window?
 I arrived home from work last week and felt like a celebrity as HomeGoods had sent
me this beautiful bouquet of roses and lillies from Boston Commonwealth Florist.
A little note from the HomeGoods team thanked me for my work on their Pinterest board,
Happy By Design.  I need to shoot some more accessories for homes in the area so if you 
have a room that needs some accessorizing and you would like me to get some items from
my shop and HomeGoods and decorate your room send me an email. 
You can see the HomeGoods board with the link provided at the end of this post.
Back to our Mora Clock.  
This is the Deluxe in Antique White.
Compare the whites to the drapery panel and the woodwork
and you can see it is heavily antiqued.  We love mixing whites
 in a room for a more complex and sophisticated look, so if you have
 a love for whites, make sure there are many shades in your palette.
 This is the Pale Blue Deluxe Mora Clock. 
A soft blue grey clock also heavily antiqued with the hand painted face.
This is our Gustavian Grey Deluxe Mora clock with the antique finish.
Again, our Antique White Deluxe Mora clock.
 A quick iPhone picture from our Maison Decor Warehouse in Malden shows these two
Deluxe Mora clocks in Gustavian Grey (front) and Pale Blue (rear) 
just before they are being packaged 
to ship out to our customers who placed custom orders.
 I will finish the post up with a few shots of the Christmas area I worked on yesterday. 
Lots of metallics and neutrals with sparkly lights!
No Christmas music til after Thanksgiving I promise!
At Maison Decor we do our best to help you put together special touches
for your home.  Wether its painting your furniture a custom color,
or teaching you how to do so in a Chalk Paint Workshop,
we want you to create the home you love.
After all its nice
Visit our online shop above for  custom Deluxe Mora Clocks, 
Furniture and Chandeliers,  and
Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan at the lowest prices in the USA!


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