Justin's Engagement and Custom Furniture Painting

 After having all guys in my life forever and a day I have the great pleasure of announcing that Justin will be taking a bride! Madison said yes when the question was popped and I couldn't be happier for them!! You might have seen a few pics of Madison working in our old Boston store with Justin on our busy weekends.  They are a cute couple and are ready to build their life together, starting out by living in our home as we have a neat little apartment.  Justin has been decorating it and hopefully he will blog on all this news and how the apartment is coming along.
So he let me in on the big secret so it was pretty fun to know what day and how he was going to propose.  Lets start that it was not a shot out of the dark, Madison knew a proposal was coming as they have talked about their life together becoming official by getting married.  I will say I was so excited and couldn't wait for it to happen~Justin had this plan to pop the question in the courtyard of the Boston Public Library.  He had reservations for brunch on Sunday (their mutual day off) at the Oak Room at the Fairmount Copley Hotel.  He also knew that Madison was more private and would not want it to be a big spectacle with the ring appearing in a glass of champagne in the middle of everyone eating breakfast at a fancy hotel.  
So the BPL courtyard was perfect. Justin was going to tell her that he needed to meet a Boston customer there to deliver a paint sample or something like that on Sunday morning.  That would explain why they were heading into the library when it is closed on Sundays.  So it was all set.  Saturday night came and went, and Sunday morning arrived!  It seemed like it was taking forever for them to get going and I was looking out the window to see if their car had left yet.  Colin was downstairs with me and we were trading glances and looking at our watches while we had coffee in the dining room while scrolling through our laptops.  Then I heard some excited giggling and laughing coming from the downstairs apartment.  Hmmmmm....I said to Colin, "Woah, do you think he just proposed now??"  Colin said, "No way, he has a plan, he's not going to do it in the apartment!!" So I figured he was right and they left for their brunch and we waited at home for them to return with the big news, ring on Mad's hand.
 A tray of flutes was set up and a bottle of Sofia sparkling white was
 put on ice and the wait continued. 
 The dogs gathered around while we all hung out in the family room 
watching NFL football and waiting for Justin and Madison to return home. 
 Anticipation was running rampant~finally they returned and it turned 
out they did get engaged right in the apartment before they left for
 brunch because it was raining and Justin said he just couldn't wait another minute!
We all toasted each other and Colin took a great video of them walking in the door.  
The video has everyone blabbing at the same time, dogs barking and running around, 
people hugging and shaking hands.  Its really sweet (and private). 
 I was so excited I didn't take any pics at all!! 
So all I have for after the moment is this one of me and Mr. Maison Decor 
sharing a toast. These were our champagne flutes from our engagement party! 
Call me sentimental.
Anyway, so that is our big family news, and hopefully Justin will write 
a blog post talking about his big news as well. 
 Onto other news, we are finding our store in Reading, Mass 
has been getting a great response.  Every location we have had seems 
to have people looking for slightly different things, and in Reading 
we have been getting a lot of requests for custom furniture painting.  
This past week Justin and Colin went to a client's home who was unhappy with a painted blue china cabinet she had in her dining room.  We worked with her on getting the right finish and Justin went over the final sample with her in her home before the guys started painting.  I love the color of the walls and that beautiful wall sconce! I was excited to see how the cabinet would transform. The client selected her finish from a piece she saw in our store.  We made up a sample board to compare on the premises and then the guys were spreading the drop cloths and getting to the job.
You can see the exterior has its two coats on and Colin is getting the interior
done in a different color.
 The finished result~she loved it! 
This cabinet has a pearl plaster dry brushed finish over the custom color mix. 
We also did a buffet cabinet in the same room,
 and the guys used the same color combination.
 Colin at work painting the first coat over the buffet. 
 The buffet all finished~very elegant!  
We have quite a few custom painted furniture jobs lined up this fall, 
and we love helping people get the furniture they will truly love.
 We are hosting an Artisan Enhancement workshop tomorrow which is sold out. 
 I will post some of the beautiful samples we plan to create and 
share them here to inspire you next week.  
We do sell these Artisan Enhancement products online and 
even carry affordable sample sizes so you can get the look.
Sylvia came to work with me last week~
she is a wiggling her little way deep into my heart.  
Don't tell Dillon!! 
So thats it from the world wide headquarters of Maison Decor! 
For me and the guys, have a great weekend!!


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