Our last weekend in our Malden store and the new shop reveal!!

 Our newest location~! Isn't it a beauty?! 
No, ha ha, we are not going into the liquor business, this is the 
place we are taking over on July 1st. By Saturday the place should be empty
of all of these bottles and shelves and carpeting etc.
I have to say I haven't really been fantasizing about the new shop
because it looks like this. Its hard to see the walls and the windows are covered 
with beer posters. The ceiling is pretty ugly as is the floor. Thats what I know.
I also know that I have a good imagination and serious determination
to try and transform this space into a happening place of business.
Hoping it all comes together, but there will be plenty of 
decision making on the fly about what is going to work 
and what we will put where etc.  
 The exterior is a brick building, on the newer side. I love the old buildings and so this will be a challenge
as its not quite my style.  With any new store there is a start up cost of spending on stuff like the signs and 
painting and new inventory etc.  So it will be an expensive July for us as we close Malden to the public and 
get started on the Reading store location. Boston will continue to operate its regular schedule of Friday through Sunday 11-5.  When Justin is not in Boston he will be
 pulling together our Reading store with Colin and me.
I will get rid of the 15 minute parking sign for sure! 
We have a private parking lot for 30 cars
so that is going to be a huge bonus for our shoppers.
 Just to get my brain wrapped around how I could get this 
storefront looking more to my liking I drew a sketch.  
Drawing helps me put my ideas onto paper and then 
communicate my ideas to the boys and others who might be interested.
 In addition to the Reading store we are taking an indoor spot at the SoWa Vintage Market in Boston. It is a well traveled shopping spot open on Sundays and there is a collection of vintage dealers in this building.  Our Boston shop is two blocks away and we get lots of the overflow from this popular Sunday only event.  
Colin will be running the Maison Decor SoWa space.  
We are thrilled to be asked to join in~and this gives a chance 
to showcase more of our vintage painted furniture that 
showcases the wonder of Chalk Paint®!  To get ready for this
 space starting in July I asked Justin to work his magic on a chalkart board 
that we will use as our sign in the space at SoWa.  SoWa stands for 
South of Washington (Street) in case you were wondering. 
 I will have a link to their website at the end of this post. 
 There is a $5 parking lot right next to our shop, so there is 
no reason not to indulge in a little city vintage shopping trip!
 Sylvia, Justin's schnoodle is just the most darling dog. 
 She is going to continue to be at our stores, and I actually 
had it written into our lease for her to be able to hang out in the Reading shop.
 We will continue to take orders for our popular reproduction Mora clocks
 and get them shipped out during this transition period. 
Because we will keep Malden for working on things, 
we hope production will increase so the waiting time
 should be shorter on the clocks!
 Cream and Old White mora wall clock
We will be doing a giveaway for the Mora clock when we open the new 
store in Reading!! So stay tuned!
 Our last workshop in Malden was held last Sunday~
the next workshops are listed in the online shop and you can
 read the descriptions and see the dates they will be held. 
We do offer private workshops to groups of 6 or more so 
you can schedule one with me if that might be something of interest. 
However, most ladies come alone and quickly settle in to a 
fun class where you will leave knowing everything you need to know 
about painting furniture with Chalk Paint and how to properly apply the waxes.
 We create sample boards using the 
various techniques that you will apply to furniture.
From rustic to elegant, we have you covered!
One of our newest classes is the Ugly Dining Room chair workshop.
Bring your chair and we will get it painted, upholstery included!
 In the meantime, if you are local please don't forget to 
stop by our Maison Decor space and say hi to Colin~
check out the official SoWa link by clicking here.
Of course we will be open Friday through Sunday in Boston at 524 Harrison.
Look what the boys just brought into the shop for this weekend~
 Hint: Its very heavy and has big wheels and is normally used in a factory.
Fairbanks Factory Cart
Super popular for coffee tables, we think this will do well in Boston.
So over and out for now, we have plenty to keep us busy and of course
I will be blogging with the new shop progress and the latest on that end.
We will sell paint by appointment in Malden until then so give a call and leave a
message on the phone and we will get back to you 781-324-0701.
Hope to see you in Boston and in a couple of weeks 
we will be creating a splash at 150 Main Street Reading!


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