Tree trimming party at home in matching PJs!

Well it started with this~I had the idea that this year it might be fun if we all wore matching PJs for Christmas.  One year I found us some cute red dog PJs by Nick n Nora at Target...but that was about 5 years ago and some of us don't fit in our PJs anymore (not me~our little guy)!  I found this cute print of Downhill Santas and they happened to be on sale too on  They didn't have any matching ones in my size though, so only the guys got this pattern. Target delivered them the very day we planned to decorate the tree!! It was kismet!  
 So one by one all the boys put on their Christmas set a merry mood!
 My pajamas were snow men and I got this pattern 
because you know I love aqua!
We took turns posing in our new pajamas and got ready to 
decorate the tree. Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care 
(and cuphooks)~all hand knit by my mother except for
 my childhood stocking which was knit 
by my Grammy (see the tiny one on the left?).
 The tree needed some lights first...
but I had to snap a few pics to capture this family time.
 The lights were getting put on and Mr. Maison Decor 
goofed around answering the phone for Miss Maison Decor 
on my frenchy phone that isn't even plugged in~
 I had to rearrange the lights after Mr. MD 
was done doing it...he had two full strings still laying on the ground 
that he didn't think we needed!!! 
 OMG~you know you can never have enough lights!
 So as I unstrung it and started again he looked over with fury in his eyes~(kidding)~
 Then he ran around and grabbed me and started 
trying to wrestle me as I had been a fresh girl 
telling him how he didn't do a good job on the lights!
 He squeezed and hugged and we were both laughing like little kids right before Christmas!
It was about as perfect as a family night can get, 
and I was so glad it was!  Claire, my MIL told a story\
about how she and her hubby would always
 get in fights over the lights! I think lots of people fight over the lights~
and the ornaments~and certainly the icicles....
although we don't use icicles now as they can kill the dogs 
if they swallow it (I think it gets wrapped around their intestines 
or something was what Mr. MD said) 'cause if icicles 
didn't pose a danger to dogs I would have had icicles all over this tree.  
So sparkly and vintage and makes me think
 of the real Christmas trees we had as a kid.
After the lights were done we all plowed through the boxes of ornaments
 and not one was broken! It was a family record I believe~
Colin loved his PJs too by the way...and when I sent a 
text with a pic of everyone in their matching PJs to Justin I 
sensed he might feel left out and want a pair...he replied back with a :-) yes please!
  So I went back online and ordered 3 more pairs: one for Justin, 
one for Brandon and even one for their dad Barry!! 
Hows that for a very Brady Christmas?  
(I used to be Marcia...but now I am the mom).
The tree finally got the last ornament hung!  
Grammy Maison Decor was there to lend a helping hand too!
The next step was to sit back with a glass of eggnog 
and admire the handiwork.  There really is something 
special about having a lit Christmas tree in a room~
it suddenly becomes CHRISTMAS time!!
 After all the tired elves went to bed, I snapped a couple more pics. 
 I still have to get a tree skirt around it,
 and put away all the boxes, but it was a triumph all in all!
 A matching green wreath with glass ornaments wired
 to it hangs above the mantel. I was so tired but a good tired~
the matching PJs and family participation with all on board made for a splendid night.
And that was the story of how we trimmed our tree.


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