The Enchanted Home pays Maison Decor a visit~!

 I told Justin that Tina from The Enchanted Home was going to be 
doing a pop in today at our Boston store! I was soooo excited~
Tina and I have been blogger friends for a while now yet have never met.  
So when she shot me an email asking if I would be around
 I was thrilled to get the chance to finally meet in person.
I hurried into Boston while Colin watched the Malden store.
 Of course I hoped the Boston shop would make a good impression~
and so these shots are the same things that Tina got to see when 
she visited.  The double doors to our shop are solid wood, 
so you just never know 
who is going to swing open the door~
I was busy putting a
 few more items on the shelves and table tops
 when all of a sudden the door opened 
and there she was!! 
We had a big hug and both said that we felt
 like we already knew each other~
I had to hug her again! 
I love when the blogland meets real life!~
Its just very cool~kind of like if you ever had a pen pal but you 
knew as a child you would never get to go around the world
 to meet them, it felt like that....but we did get to meet!
Tina started a blog called the Enchanted Home after 
I started my blog and somehow we started 
following each others blog and writing emails~
I think the name of her blog is what many of us would like for 
our homes to feel like as we search blogland for inspiration
 in home decorating ideas.  Tina was busy 
building a home that is French Chateau in style and it has 
just been fascinating to watch it go up from the ground to 
getting decorated room by room inside.  
She shares all her decorating dilemmas and choices with us
 and sometimes asks us to help her make decisions on
 things like light fixtures and hardware for cabinets~much like a sister 
would ask another for her opinion.  That's just how Tina is~
she is approachable and down to earth and has wonderful taste!
 She was just a doll~! She took lots of pics and asked me questions
 about Chalk Paint and that whole part of my life~
and we shared our experiences on becoming shop owners 
at just about the same time.   She started an online store
 based on the success of her exploding blog and she has been 
busy as ever with tracking down the signature items she loves
 to decorate so that her shoppers can have 
the same things in their own enchanted homes.  
 I wondered if any of our Maison Decor stuff would
 appeal to her~and the answer was yes!
But I will keep it a secret as we don't kiss and tell at Maison Decor.
 She gave me good advice ( I picked her brain) 
and we gabbed like two long lost friends that had a 
common interest to share~shops and have 
a family life and how to get it all right!
 So this little tour around Boston shows 
off some of our inventory while you listen to me blab
about my meeting with Tina~Our style in Boston is much like this image, 
its a little bit rustic and a little bit luxe all mixed up side by side.  
 Its the urban mouse meeting the country chic mouse~
 So as Tina headed back to her Enchanted life, 
I was left with a very special feeling that she took the time 
out to come and see me and check out our little store in Boston.
 Because I know just how busy life is for so many of us~
we are living these incredibly busy lives!
 Sometimes there seems like the hours 
race by and you didn't get everything done...
 At this time of year especially, I appreciate Tina's email, 
her visit and our friendship. Her visit made me reflect~
thank you to everyone who sends me little notes and 
emails saying the blog is inspiring~its wonderful to read them. 
So a big Thank You Tina for reminding me to be in the moment as you are!  
And thanks to all of our Maison Decor shoppers that came in for a either a
sample pot or a big mahogany dresser~yes, the Red Truck was 
driving around to Swampscott and Lexington today 
delivering our beautiful furniture. 
 It was a very good day.

Visit Tina's blog the Enchanted Home here
Visit Tina's Online Shop here


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