Grey Painted Furniture, the WORKBOOK and My Dining Room Returns!

 Colin is painting a sideboard in a custom french grey color mix~
I added two colors together and he got to the painting~
Its coming along nicely~
This piece was really a great looking piece that I got at auction. It is extra long
and isn't terribly old~maybe 30 years....its solid cherry and normally I might have thought twice
about painting it but it had a deep scratch along the top. So after a bit of Elmers Wood Filler it was ready 
for a pretty paint job.  Stay tuned for the final results...but lets just say I am loving it so much I am tempted to take it home with me and switch out my great looking bombe chest~let me know what you think.
My dining room, taken as I was setting the table yesterday.
That bombe chest at the end is just where I am considering 
doing the switcheroo with this piece. All opinions are welcome!
There is not a lot of room between the chest and the head chair
so I was thinking the narrow sideboard might be a better fit.

So if I was going to switch I want it to be the right color~and to get to the color that I wanted, 
I used Annie Sloan's WORKBOOK to do help me out.
  I love this image from a magazine showing rustic frenchy blue doors~
this color is kind of what I had in mind...and Paris Grey is not quite right. 
So I mixed up some Louis Blue and Paris Grey and recorded it into my WORKBOOK
so I will never forget it and have a pretty record of the whole process~
whether I keep the piece or not~I do LOVE this custom color.
(Inside look at a press release from the WORKBOOK~)

You can buy this WORKBOOK only at Annie Sloan retail outlets 
as well as my online store by clicking here.
I am excited to offer a WORKBOOK session class
that will be on a Saturday for 2 hours and you can read more about that 
class by clicking here.  The WORKBOOK will be included in the class!
This is a page in my WORKBOOK  I dedicated to the lovely
 purpley greys~ and that wonderful Normandie Toile....
yummmm....but back to the painting!!
Look at this marble topped table with the standard cream and gold
paint job from the 70s....argh! I had a vision for this piece,
well I actually have a pair and am painting them up in a dark grey
and will list them for sale when I am done!

 Basically I started with French Linen all over~two coats.....
followed by a Graphite wash.
See how dark it looks when I am actually applying it?
But see how light it is when I rag it off? 
You won't believe how fantastic it looks~
I will post the finished pieces in a few days...
but right now there is so much to do, 
and I got to back to it!!
PS Fifty Shades of Grey class 
is this Sunday Dec 2 from 10-2
I have 2 spots left~so if you want to join us with color mixing
and using metallics and cover the bases with all things GREY
call the shop to sign up!


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