Random~workshop pics, silver, bird cage, Dillon...

 Let me start my random post with this photo of Dillon. 
I captured him in a handsome pose looking over at the neighbors~
We call him our Cow doggy because of his markings.
 Do you have one of these?  I have wanted one since I went to Brimfield.
They are great for loading your treasures as you tool around the fair.
Well I was looking at Craigslist (not for anything in particular)
and this listing popped up for $10~
The lady I contacted told me how to get to her house, 
and that since she wouldn't be home to leave the ten dollars
in the glass "mailbox" with the tennis balls...!
I love that she was cool and trusting, just gives you 
a lift knowing there are people like that in our world.
And now I have my antique buggy cart!! 
 I picked up a not so old large bird cage~its got a 
fab dome top and its made out of wood, all painted black. 
 Very cool decorative accessory now in the Boston store.
 At auction this week I got a great little 1950s bar cabinet~
its got bracket feet and traditional lines, with a great interior
and a surprise when you lift the lid~!
 It has a red formica insert that is where you can 
mix your drinks without damaging the wood.
Justin is painting it Graphite (the cab, not the formica) 
and we will share the makeover soon~
you can see he finished the interior of the lid. 
Those are my Nana's manhattan glasses~yes Alice
was known to have a manhattan on special occasion....
and the ice bucket was a new score at auction.
I'm not selling Nana's glasses, 
just using them to style the bar cabinet.
 I got loads of silver trays and some really nice ones too~! 
But in a small store like Boston,
where to showcase them is presenting a challenge~
so I came up with this idea and I love 
how it looks! It makes the paint feel more 
special and the silver really stands out.
This idea you could use in a bookcase at home~
trays aren't that crazy in price and they deliver a 
big bang for the buck when massed in a group.
Top right is a huge carvers platter~perfect for Thanksgiving.
 I also lucked out with this interesting hardware lot...
look at the long thin pieces in the top right 
hand part of the pic~they are women! 
You attach them to the edges of furniture..
I will have to usethese on a special piece.
 Our new Boston business card~
 Along my travel route I picked up a nail right into my tire...
I didn't realize I had a flat!
So hubby to the rescue with a portable compressor...
my knight in shining armour...
yes I will brag about him (I try NOT to overdo it)~
but he deserves it!  
Today we got it fixed, my day off...
so I should be good to go!
 Had a fabulous workshop on Sunday!!! 
I mean it really was~the reason? 
Everyone was so into learning with the paint, 
and they were all pretty inspired
by their own ideas as they learned technique after technique.  
 All were beginners, as most women are that 
take the introductory class.  I wish I had 
a chance to have taken a class back when I discovered the paint. 
 Don't confuse Introductory with simplistic methods...
you really learn a volume of information so you
 can go forward with confidence in using the paint and the 
waxes on furniture.  We were all so pumped!
 We packed it in~four solid hours...and then at the end
 we played with both Gilding waxes and pastes.
So that was my weekend~teaching, antique hunting,
merchandising, driving, shopping....and a little bit of  NFL football too.
All store information is on the sidebar links,
including our new store hours.


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