I'm opening another store in BOSTON!!

 This is the big news I have been working on~
there is going to be a Maison Decor Boston!!
I knew I wanted a second location and one morning I woke
up and it just hit me that it had to be BOSTON!
 I started looking around for a storefront and I had a 
few things that I wanted, like a good location with walking traffic
as well as on street parking so people can run in and shop. 
 This tidy diamond in the rough
was just the ticket for me.
 Mr. Maison Decor is headed towards the shop,
 which is right next to the lamp post with the green 
SOWA flags.  SOWA means South of Washington Street, 
and it designates an area that is very up and coming~
its hip and artsy and super popular! 
Lets take a look inside the shop~
 Its half the size of my Malden store, and more than twice the rent, of course! 
I am working on the lease with the landlady right now, and she seems
 as nice as my Malden landlord! Inside there are very high ceilings, 
one wall of exposed brick, a kitchen sink (!) right in the middle 
of the store (great for paint brush cleaning), two large walls 
of unfinished plywood that I intend to white wash, 
as well as doing the same to the wood floors.
Its industrial chic now... but its about to become French Industrial Chic!!!
 A nice retail window box for displaying 
painted furniture and hanging chandeliers~
 Can you picture a linen or burlap style kitchen sink skirt here? And painted cabinets?
 I was just ecstatic!!! I got the approval of the landlady 
to paint my exterior facade in one of Annie Sloan's colors~ Florence Chalk Paint™!!
 Its a great teal green color that will look fabulous with the forest green window casings.
 The steps might get a stencilled riser...so many ways to call attention
 to the newest store on the block.  I have to get creative as it is not ideal for signage, 
so window signage and color are going to be my tools of choice to 
get the word out to the neighborhood in a classy but whimsical style.
 After meeting the landlady we walked two blocks
 and had dinner at Gaslight.  It is a lovely french restaurant, 
and this is the same room Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz 
filmed a scene from a movie they did here last year~pretty cool!
 French bread, french plates, french food~and a couple of drinks were in order!
 Now I bet you are wondering why on earth I would want to open another store 
when I just opened my first one....well it all has to do with this 
remarkable Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™. I have the greatest faith in the growth 
of this company based on the product itself...and then there is territory to be claimed....
just like when the settlers went out and staked their claims.  
The most adventurous got there first, right?  Well I wanted Boston, 
and I needed to stake my claim!! A big reason why Boston is 
so appealing is that I want to grow my own company, Maison Decor,
 and I want my family to join me in this endeavor~
so with all that, I am proud to announce that my son  Justin, 
 will be operating the Boston store. 
 He has lived in that neighborhood for years and it was the 
perfect choice for all of us~so wish us luck!! 


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