Brimfield Visit and a French Bed~

 I managed to squeeze in a one hour visit to Brimfield Fair~
the huge antiques fair held 3 times a year in Massachusetts~
this place is the mecca for all who are looking for that special something! 
You will see lots of great things here~its almost torture for me, 
I want so many things but prices can be retail deluxe.  
If you look hard you can find a good buy, but on opening days like today,
 people are standing firm on prices. 
At the end of this post I will show you my favorite tent~
it was like Maison Decor died and went to heaven kind of tent for me!!
 The reason I went to Brimfield was to say hi to my new Chalk Paint™ friend 
and stockist from New Jersey, Stephanie Kars Granit.  
She and her husband Mark set up a knock out of a tent filled 
with beautiful pieces of both painted and natural furniture along with other goodies. 
 I tried three times to get a good mirror shot~
 It only worked when I lifted the camera up to my face that
 I could center the shot~it was so great to see her! 
She showed me around, and I never got very far, 
there was soooo much to look at!
Here is Stephanie's space~Magnolia Lane Designs
It is located in the section called New England Motel. 
 Isn't that a quaint name?  have you ever stayed in a motel? I mean the real old motels?? 
They still have them around here! Anyway, this is about as big as a tent 
that you will see, many have half the size or smaller for their setups. 
It was sunny and hot hovering around 90 degrees. Last summer 
they had so much rain for the summer session~the fields were underwater!
 One of Stephanie's bedroom sets~beyond gorgeous!!! 
All done in Chalk Paint™! 
 A frenchy china cab with chicken wire~
 (and how about those Barcelona Orange velvet chairs!!)
 She had just hung a pair of chandies from the tent ceiling~
they were porcelain and brass like the one I have!
She had one in Antibes Green~
 And one in Scandanavian Pink~!
Here is mine how I originally found it~I told Stephanie that the chandies 
had ceramic roses instead of crystals hanging from them.
I bought extra pink roses for this chandy from England on Etsy.
And now it has pink roses too! 
More of Stephs shop~ A beautiful card table done in Paris Grey and Old White~
 Stephanie had her team with her, which included this guy~(so shy)~little Mark!
 She is a doll~here is her cabinet done in the latest Annie Sloan™ color, Florence. 
 We walked down the road to see Nancy Chace's booth.
 Nancy is a stockist from Rhode Island and her store is Sea Rose Cottage
The left side of this tent was run by a guy and his wife and 
I couldn't help but admire the zinc topped table in his shop.
 He covered the leaves of the table too! All nailhead trim~it was gorgeous.  
 Here is Nancy with her Annie Sloan™ display~
Nancy is always bubbling with positive energy! 
 As many vendors do here, they buy stuff from other booths 
and sell in their own shops or keep it for themselves, like this 
neat wall hook display piece. Its going home with Nancy~
 Nancy had a wall dedicated to samples and paints for our Annie Sloan line~
 Check out this upholstered top vanity~it was so unusual!
 And on site, Elder is upholstering right in front of everyone!
 They can be contacted Mel& 
 They had this bergere chair done in army mail sacks~see the US insignia?
 Lots of rustic and refined mixed together~like the gilt with the grain sack.
 You can walk miles and never see it all~
rows are all laid out on both sides of the main street.
 Tent after tent with anything and everything...
 Many vendors, like Stephanie, bring bikes to get around on for the week....
 A pair of gates for sale propped up against the owners van~
 Pretty french pieces are found in abundance here!
 I think if I was with Kim and Betsy they would have
 fought over this little stool with the perky Jack Russell on it~
 Something for everyone~dough bowls laying on the lawn,
 grain sacks, galvanized pails and watering cans galore~
 I loved this odd job cabinet in green and blue with gold~
it was so bohemian. There was a big Virgin Mary statue
 inside with fake flowers!!! And right behind it was this~
The french bed I bought to take to the shop for a 
display piece. It has the side rails too~
I was hunting around for a headboard at least to do a shop display. 
I found a stunning one at my favorite frenchy girl tent, 
but, alas,  it was too $$~take a look below.
 The bed is on the right side~it is white metal with small panels 
that have hand painted roses~it was so pretty! I negotiated
 a price and told her I might come back after I checked out the area~
but before I left, I drank in her store.
 She had old floral paintings, hot pink and gold cut velvet on french chairs~ 
(I shuddered when I heard a girl asking how much would it be to recover them).
 There were tole chandies, and florentine dressers and boxes, 
yard long rose paintings and others in oval and square frames.
 I was dying in this booth!!! 
 OMG here is the pretty bed!!
 Look at all the other stuff too~but the bed was a bit pricey...
 Look at this chippy table with her religious displays~
 Here tent was amazing! 
 But when all was said and done, I got this old french iron bed
 for less than half the other~
and now all I have to do is paint it up 
so it looks like it is in my imagination!~
Any guesses?
 Pretty shapes and details to work with~this bed will 
be a feature display for fabrics, bedding and pillows in the shop.
I bought a few other goodies too~not all shown here, 
but some will go into the online shop tomorrow~
Another vintage rose hatbox came back with me too~
looks like another  collection has started!


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