Projects and behind the scenes at Maison Decor

 Colin's debut project using Annie Sloan™ 
All hail the Queen~~!
This Union Jack motif is a huge decorator trend right now,
and this little desk would be fun in any boys room~
Emperor's Silk, Napoleonic Blue and Pure White Chalk Paint™
 Colin taped it off all perfect-like and I convinced him
 to add the shabby style with smudged lines 
and overlapping edges~its very cool!
 A closeup~
 How fun~!! He liked painting, and I asked him if he 
would like to do a guest post soon on his experiences 
working here and painting and he told me 
he had already been thinking about it! 
 While we had the Emperor's Silk opened, I was dying to
 make a color board mixing it up with Pure White.
 Straight up ES in lower left, then 50% mix of white, 
then 2 parts white and finally 3 parts white to red~
pretty cool how you can make most any color.
 This armoire is for sale in the shop for $495~quite a deal. 
The finish is French Linen with a 50% dry brush mix using Old White...
my client Suzanne liked this finish and it inspired the finish on her hope chest.
 Pretty lines and details all got a nice brushing~even the hardware.
 See the shades of French Linen and Old White....
thats how I do it...
.right on a paper plate with a dry stiff brush.
 Waxed and ready to cure~soon to go home to momma.....
 The behind the scenes comment in the title is me sharing a bit of what happens in the store...I can be here alone for hours and then all of a sudden people are popping in and buying stuff and the phone is ringing etc...I have a customer I call my number one customer~Mike. He is gay and he LOVES my store!!! He has purchased more things for his apartment and loves telling everyone that they HAVE to check out my shop! Last night he popped in during my evening hours and saw these new vintage lamps I added (they had been in my Etsy shop) and I am quite sure since I added the leopard shades he instantly fell in love with them and HAD to have them!  He comes in and tells me what is going on with he just got a new job after quitting his last job as a server in a downtown Boston its kind of fun meeting people who love what I love and they come back time and again and shop and talk. I had a judge come in today too for the second time...I am right down the street from a the judge is a pretty woman who loves pretty things and last time I told her all about Chalk Paint™ she came in and bought some accessories and a quart of Duck Egg...she is going to paint an old chair with a hole in the seat of it that she keeps a flower pot in~you might have seen this idea before, but to think a judge loves flea market style is quite cool!! I also had a lady buy my vintage red and white linen hand towels that Betsy folded so nicely and displayed...and then she picked up the huge silverplated centerpiece bowl and bought that too~!  She told me she was soooo glad my store was in her neighborhood, and that she just loves it!  
 Between customers I paint and I sew and I set things up...
like right now I am making flirty slipcovers for these
 heavy iron chairs...its a pretty old fabric that I ripped
 apart from old slipcovers that are a 1970s vintage. 
 They should look really pretty...I don't know what it is 
about metal chairs, but I am quite attracted to them.
I guess that explains why I have 17 of them in the shop 
right now...and Colin had to stop me from buying another 
set out of the back of a ladies jeep who pulled up
 out front the other day to see if I was interested...
 Colin keeps me in check...and he has been goofing around 
taking pics while I was loading my next workshop into
our Annie Sloan website...its July 15th! 
I have one spot left in my June 24th class~
(call the shop at 781-324-0701)
Here is my Vice President of Operations....
soon to be doing his first guest post!! 
To all of you heading to HAVEN 
please make sure you stop at the Annie Sloan Unfolded booth~
they are giving away serious prizes over there!! 
I hope to go next year, this year is sold out~
but if you are lucky enough to go,  get over 
and see the Annie Sloan booth!!
Tell 'em Maison Decor sent you~


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