Clock Faces~a collection started...vacation begins

 I am officially on vacation~I guess it started at 3 am...thats when I woke up and  finally got out of bed at 4:30.  The store will be closed until July 9th, and today we are headed for a little cottage by a New Hampshire TV or internet....just the loons and a dock and a ski boat.  Some old fashioned aluminum stap-backed lounge chairs, good wine, lots of magazines and some antique hunting on the horizon....woo hoo! Before I leave the house, I wanted to share some less than great pictures taken with my iPhone at 6 am this morning...its a group of antique metal clock faces I got at an auction this month.  These might be the start of a new collection for me~well I will say truthfully, it is a new collection because I found one at Rosemary's Villabarnes Etsy shop and that is coming to my house too! 
 I planned to put them in the shop, but there is just something about them that I couldn't part with.  They are pretty little faces...I propped them up on the mantle next to the green tole tray. I love metal stuff, trays and boxes and things made from wire. Not sure exactly, but it calls my name.  I pulled out an old cigarette box that is metal painted white with gold and put it in the mix. 
 Its been awhile since I have taken photos in the house, as I am never here with my camera anymore...and I forgot some of my camera software at the shop so I will be heading back to get it just in case I can blog while up on vacation...I want to be able to load the pics into the laptop.  Otherwise its iPhone all week bear with me! 
 I am supposed to get some pics of the house and send them into a magazine too, but I just haven't had time to make it look neat and pretty...this morning I want to fit in an auction, then go to Costco and get food and supplies for our week away, as well as pull out the summer clothing and pack a bag or two or three....I also forgot I have to grab a can of Old White and clear wax for Bridget, who has a cute shabby chic shop in New one more reason to go back to the shop for last minute things.  The other thing I am super excited about and will def be blogging about is a trip (or three) to a new Swedish antiques dealer's shop..its in a huge barn and I cannot wait to get there!!!!!  You know darn well I will be on the lookout for a real live Mora clock....rules are it has to be in a good color and shape, and it has to be priced right (meaning lower than any other mora I have ever seen) you can expect a post on the that topic for sure.  
Until then~no trips to 50 Summer Street, Malden for me or for any of you!  I will be re-opening on Monday July 9th~ cause its VACATION TIME!!
This is where we will be hanging out for the next week~Happy 4th of July week!


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