Customers coming and more window displays finished!

 50 Summer Street~
I set up a little sidewalk display~
it looked cute with the Henrietta walls by the front door.
 See the window display on the right~
with the fabric and the chandy?
 Colin and I did the same thing on the double window
 on the other side of the store to get a cohesive look. 
 I hung two wire basket pendant lights ($44.98) that 
I sell in the store~then we centered the green sofa 
on the window~moved some stuff around...
trying to feel it out to see what seems right...
 One thing that was not obvious is that I am selling draperies
 and I wanted to hang a rod so the panels could be
 displayed and you could see how long they really are..
they are 102" long, which is pretty darn long.
 I will admit that this part of having a 
store is very satisfying~the merchandising.
That is the term used for setting up store displays...
 I have the honor and pleasure of being the only place in Boston 
and its surroundings to carry this book: 
 Segreto~Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors! 
 I was lucky to win this book from the Skirted Round Table 
when they interviewed Leslie Sinclair, 
the creator of the Segreto look and company. 
 Well this book is the BEST book~I included it on my 
end of year Design Book Reviews~and Leslie and I 
got to talking (via blogland) and one thing led to another, 
and now I am carrying her book at Maison Decor!
 For anyone interested in gorgeous wall 
and cabinetry finishes, this book is a must. 
 And did I tell you that they are signed copies from Leslie, herself?  
Just a little extra perk~for my shoppers!
 I spent a lot of the day gilding some pieces~like these angel wings.
 They look so good, I think I will have the gilded wings 
be an option in my store~
so classic and old world, Swedish style.
 I worked on this tiny carved table...
not sure what to call this table with 3 drawers..
but it has carved legs on front and back 
and its just darling. ($145)
 She's a purdy little thing~
So that's the latest from 50 Summer Street~
Oh, and as the post title mentioned, yes they are coming!!
I had two enthusiastic blog followers come in yesterday
 and they were wonderful  to talk to~
and then today I had 4 more people that
 were not driven from the blog, and that was fantastic too! 
I want to go to The Brimfield Fair tomorrow, but not sure if I 
can leave the shop know?


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