Garden style...inside~

One of my favorite things I bought for myself when I got divorced and had to move 
to a tiny house was this double wide wicker chair with big cabbage roses on an aqua background.
There was a tiny sunporch on the front of the bungalow with room for this chair~
I painted the walls apple green and plopped this chair in the corner~
it was a little piece of heaven at a difficult time.
Since things have changed~and for the better!!~this big wicker chair
hasn't had a place to go in my new house and I just can't part with it.
Its been in my big master bathroom being used as a clothing caddy.
But with the makeover going on in the upstairs bath,
I wasn't sure what to do with this chair~
What I did have over here in this corner was the antique tapestry chair~
after one visit from a girl friend proved to me that chair was very uncomfortable 
and had to go~! So in with the wicker~all of a sudden the room feels
light hearted, just the look I prefer.
It looks pretty next to the white banister I just painted.
An easter egg garland adds a bit more whimsy.

 I wish I could stretch out our room just a bit~
my son thinks I have too much stuff crammed in here.
But I think it feels like a summer cottage now
and everywhere you look there are pretty things.
 I still adore tole trays and every time I put anything on one, it looks fabulous.
 These tulips are heavenly~and if you want lots of inspiration try to hunt down the Romantic Country magazine  summer issue!! Oh my~died and went to heaven over two of the homes in this issue!
 I sold all of my clocks and will be getting more in~one clock I will be custom painting in Paris Grey next week, and will be showing you how it came out on the blog.  I still have to wax my clock, so you haven't missed that. Its just that I am doing the bathroom and the outside porch all at the same time, and somethings gotta give!
 Do you ever feel like you are on a roller coaster of productivity? 
Take time to have coffee in your favorite mug and take a breath~
I love my bird mug from TJMaxx.
 My babysitting charge, Kingsley, has been my constant companion. He goes home Sunday,
but he grew miles as a dog living at Maison Decor for a week. He learned he better eat his breakfast and dinner when the other dogs eat 'cuz it might not be there at his leisure for picking at later on. He doesn't shake like a leaf now when people come in the room, he lets men pet him, and is nice to the other dogs~
so his insulated apartment lifestyle never let him be relaxed socially. He is sooo much better now! I'm very proud of him.
 Of course I'm proud of bossy little Tobey too....
and Dillon, who was unavailable for the photo shoot.
Too busy sleeping on the couch in the other room~
Using wicker furniture indoors created a garden mood~
I just LOVE this look!! 
Do you have any gardeny things you use indoors
 to lighten the mood of your spaces?


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