Valentine Candy Boxes

The Quintessential Candy Box
I fell in love with  Nita's heart shaped candy box last Valentines.
Isn't it a confectioner's delight?
You can see how she made it by clicking on the link.
At the end, she tucked in a vintage valentine I had sent her.
I think it is the prettiest Valentine Candy Box I have ever seen~
so it inspired me to look for more and try my own hand at making one.
I am not a big crafter~more of a painting rooms,  wallpapering walls
 and sewing curtains and pillows kind of girl...but this was an exception.
Yesterday I found 2 at the store~but I still
 wanted to try and make my own special candy box.
These cute scalloped candy boxes were found at TJMaxx~
Its part of a valentine display spot in the house 
in honor of the Love Holiday.
To make my candy box, I used my shabby chic samples for the rosettes~
  I bought a small and a medium sized box
 of chocolates at the supermarket, 
but decided to try the small size first.
After cutting the squares into circles and making a pinwheel shape, 
 I formed little rosettes that I applied with hot glue to the back 
of the fabric and then glued them to the box like so~
one at a time, following the shape of the box.
 After all the rosettes were glued on, I wrapped the red
 box with a wide pink satin ribbon to cover the red 
and attached it with the hot glue.
Then I tied a pussycat bow and stuck it on the side.
 I looked in the button box to find a proper button to adorn the bow~
and found a mother of pearl button with a lilac center.
Happy Valentines Day to all~
 A homemade valentine for my sweetheart~
I set my little heart box on top of the pretty decoupage style boxes.
I love the aqua and yellow box that my box is sitting on~
(pssst~they were on clearance for only $2 and $3)
I put our sealed Valentines right here on this pink tray
Until February 14th~
Pretty peacock blue and pink
I'll keep looking for a real vintage candy box~
but until then, these will do just fine.
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