Shopping and Decorating Ideas

 Super excited over the new things that I just picked up for my shop. 
 Number one on the list is this vintage crystal waterfall pendant!
 I have a pair~so that makes it doubly exciting!
 Truth be told, I did not want to give these up.  
But I can't keep everything for myself~
source unknown
This image of waterfall pendants has been in my files for a long time~
don't you love how this looks? However these fixtures shown are modern,
and I prefer vintage glam like the ones I just bought at auction.
I had to fight to get them~there was an antique lighting guy in the crowd. Grrr.
And check out the heavy molded pear crystals 
and the faceted ball crystal at the bottom.
They are the real nice ones with the metal pins, 
not the shiny gold clasp type pins. 
You could remove and sell all the crystals and make a profit!
I don't expect these to be around for long~
(note: one is sold and the other reserved for a sale)
This vintage watercolor is in a chippy gilded frame and has romantic appeal.
There are a pair of these in the shop~
one is pansy the other wild violets.
I picked up several pieces at the auction for the shop~
when I pick what I want to bid on, it has to 
be something I would put in my own home.
That is my rule~if I wouldn't want it, 
I can't imagine expecting someone else to buy it.
 Wouldn't it be nice to do a whole wall in pink antique cake plates?
These came from separate sources, but look so pretty together.
Pretty cabbage roses with gold scrolly details 
with dashes of lusterous pink.
You may wonder why one plate is $10 more than another~
if I can get a good buy, 
I will pass it along to my shoppers.
This plate has a sugared pink color
 that fades to white in the center 
where the floral bouquet and sprig are featured.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a variety of cake plates?
With their cute handles they would make fabulous chargers!
You could do bohemian style table settings like this one.
I love this~~
A wall of mismatched special china!
This could be filled with cake plates~or pink plates!
Now I know~who needs an ashtray~
but look at what I am thinking on these.
They have great bases and that little 
brass rosette unscrews and the ashtray 
comes right off.  You could drill a hole in a 
pretty plate or bowl and screw it right on.
Here is is with an old cut glass lamp globe in my shop
that is sitting on the base. Think of all the things you could do with these
two marvelous pedestal "ashtrays". 
They could even be wired into lamps.
How about drilling a hole in a teapot and 
turning it into a frenchy lamp for your kitchen counter?
 I really had to think that this would be needed by SOMEONE out there
who has a light fixture in a bathroom that they want to replace~
but they still need to plug in a hairdryer!
That "someone" still wants some glam in her bathroom
despite needing a plug.
 Top it off with a cut crystal globe or hurricane and 
you are on your way to a frenchified powder room!
Where else are you gonna find this?
Last, but not least~the deal of the day is this brass tray.
Perfect for the front hall for mail, or in the bathroom holding powders and soaps~
set on your console table or sideboard and stacked with a few drink essentials
it becomes an instant petite bar station.
Look at this simple idea: a bar created by using a tray~!
I have an idea for a bar cart that I hope to 
work on this spring or summer.
Having a bar station in your home or apartment gives the 
feeling of a party can happen at any moment!
Don't you love that?
Thanks for looking at my latest finds~
I have joined forces with my sister in Kansas City 
where she is busy scouring the mid-west for me to add to my inventory.
My sister and picker~Susan
And you can count on me to be leaving the
auction house with treasures for all of us!
Leaving on a sweet note~


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