My Romantic Frieze

 It only took about ten minutes living with out this carved piece above the mantle~
before I decided it needed to be hung back up above the fireplace.
In architectural terms, this piece is called a "frieze".
Wikepida:  In interiors, the frieze of a room is the section of wall above the picture rail and under the crown moldings or cornice. By extension, a frieze is a long stretch of paintedsculpted or even calligraphic decoration in such a position, normally above eye-level. Frieze decorations may depict scenes in a sequence of discrete panels. The material of which the frieze is made of may be plasterwork, carved wood or other decorative medium.
 So while my newly made over mantle post was sent to 
BlogHer for approval, I got busy with the can of Paris Grey chalk paint.
 The Paris Grey on the mantle was very appealing to me~ 
but without the frieze it had lost its romantic mojo.
 I brushed the Paris Grey over the frieze, leaving the nooks and crannies in white.
I hung it back up on the wall and was thrilled with how it looked in Paris Grey.
 This watercolor may not be the best choice, 
but it will stay until something better comes along.

 Reading all the comments yesterday about how many of you
 were holding out for the return of the frieze made me smile. 
 I hated that you had to go through it yesterday~
seeing my mantle frieze-less!
So its back~
And its here to stay!

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