Vintage Cast Iron Sinks

My kitchen is getting a mini-remodel.  The plan is for me to like my kitchen more~and so that involved painting cabinets white and having a marble counter top and apron front sink. However all of that expense isn't justified when we won't be staying here forever.  I do love a challenge, and the thing I find most rewarding is coming up with a solution on a budget that lights my fire. I know I am not alone in my thinking on this.  It is so exciting when you can think outside the box a little bit and come up with something that is wonderful.  This post is about vintage porcelain enamel over cast iron sinks with attached drain boards.  This style sink is my solution to the apron sink I wanted, but was not going to get.  Have you seen these sinks?  They were common in the post war era of the 40s and 50s and were found attached to metal kitchen cabinets ready, all ready to go.
This beauty, above, in mint green is a humdinger, don't you think? It is 58" wide x 21" deep with a big apron and backsplash of over 8".  The cost is $1295, which is a bit more that I would want to pay, but have you ever run across a sink like this?
This is the kind of sink I have been looking for on Craigslist.  If it comes with the metal cabinet, I will just remove the sink top and take the metal cabinet to the junk yard for cash.  
I spotted this one for sale at $150 so I was totally pumped!  When the seller returned my email he told me it had been sold. This was the perfect layout, with a single bowl on the left and the drain board on the right. This would work in my kitchen. Hoping I could find another one, I started the Craigslist search all over again.
Bam! I have always considered myself lucky, and sure enough, this sink was just listed and in the town next door to mine, and for a "best offer" price.  I waited hopefully for his return email (why don't they put their phone number in the ads??) and sure enough it was still for sale.  I offered him $100 and he said fine!  So tomorrow morning Mr. MD and I are heading over to pick it up.  The dimensions  are 42" wide x 25" deep with a sink bowl that is 22x17 and a 3" backsplash.  The image shows what appears to be a piece of duct tape holding one of the flanges to the sink.  He said it was in great condition!! Please let this be true...I will find out tomorrow.
Have you ever considered using an old sink instead of going to the big box stores and picking one out? I found a website that offers these sinks and much more.  The actual store location is in the Boston area, but they do offer shipping.  However, Craigslist pricing is soooo much better.  For example, the sink above is a 1949 Kohler sink and costs $835!  Mine is $100. Enough said, right?!  Just perusing the This Old Tub and Sink website can give you lots of ideas for a mini vintage face lift for your kitchen.  They even have vintage faucets. 
This is a 1946 cast iron American Standard double sink for $565.  It is 42" wide x 22" deep. It really is fun looking at these old sinks. I can't wait to get my old sink and have Mr. MD install it.  The vintage appeal it will bring to our kitchen is undeniable.  Keeping my fingers crosses and the vision in my head, until we meet again!

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