A Romantic Homes Mag Feature & ScotchBlue Winner

October 2011 Cover of Romantic Homes magazine
 has something extra special about it.
See where it says~ 
10 Ways to whiten a space
Well, that is a feature I was asked to contribute after the regional editor
read my blog one day where I talked about whitening a room.
You just never know WHO is reading YOUR blog!
That is when I learned I had to take all my pics in high resolution,
because those are the only pics they can print in a magazine.
So exciting, waiting months to see what it is going to look like,
how the magazine people are going to use your words and pics 
and put it all together for a national audience.
My issue finally came in the mail...
many days after others had received theirs.
This time I did not run out to a bunch of stores hunting it down.
I wanted to see how it felt just getting it in the mail~
and it felt really cool! 
And it STILL feels cool!
Look, I am in the ta da section~that's cool, right?

Here is the article featuring my tips and pics of my house.

Some of my room decor has changed~
 from very white to having a little more pattern and color.
Maybe I will have to write another feature
 about changing things around all the time!
Now, here are the three winners of the
 Scotch Blue party that will be getting free samples:
  1. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions
  2. Cindy @ Adventures of the Singing Quilter
  3. Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish
Please send me your full name and mailing address so
ScotchBlue can mail you your free samples.


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