Living Room Changes

 The living room has a few changes and is going to get a few more. I was so enchanted with Betsy's house that I came home and started playing around. I made two new pillows out of fabric I had in my workroom and added an apple-green toile quilt over the back of the sofa. The mirror came back with a greyed out paint job and my favorite old dishes got a starring role over it.
The ruffles are back too...its easier with the dogs, less to wash.
This bamboo table I recently picked up at a sidewalk sale and it was intended to go to my son's college apartment. Searching the house for a better end table, I spotted it and decided I like it here just fine.

These seashell vases from Etsy are a bit of tramp art, and I think they are so sweet. 
An old romantic lamp in powder blue with a floral motif was found on Etsy too.
The blue lamp looks perfect with the blue chintz fabric.
I fiddled around with a few other areas too~I'll share them next time!

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