A shabby chandy

This beaded chandy was only hung in my living room a few months ago..
I spotted it in an Etsy shop and fell in love with all the beading and crystals.
Somehow it just didn't seem to do the trick for me in this room~
so I put it for sale back on my Etsy shop.
A blogger bought it!! A blogger I "know" bought it, 
and it will be going to his place soon enough.
So in the meantime I will replace it with a chandy
 I was already working on for my Etsy shop.
This was the Etsy listing for a brass vintage chandy that I purchased.
For those of you who don't know what Etsy is,
 it is a kind of selling place like eBay,
 however everything has to be old or handmade. 
Lots of bloggers have their own little Etsy shops like I do
 and you can usually browse through their stores from a link from their blog.
I got it home and gave it a good cleaning. 
My intention was to add crystals to the 46 holes 
and to paint it white for that light and shabby look.
I purchased 40 crystals and gave them a good soaking in vinegar and hot water.
One of the candle covers was damaged and
 I have ordered 6 new ones, so they match.
I order my parts like that from a place called chandelierparts.com. 
I get my crystals from antique vendors or etsy shops as
 I want the old crystals, not the new formed or plastic ones.
I have to sit down with my reading glasses on and 
use a pair of needle nose pliers and add the crystal drops.
 So here is the chandy all shabbied up~
with lots of sparkling crystals.
Soon to be starring in my living room, 
until the next great chandy comes along...!

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