Cottage kitchen decorated with tole

I was inspired by a kitchen I saw to use toleware for my kitchen.
Tole has long been a favorite of mine,
 but as things go, I had not been using my collection
of  mostly black tole trays.
This kitchen from an old Romantic Homes magazine
shown on Cindy's My Romantic Home was my inspiration.
 I reconfigured the shelf above the window, 
and covered it in faux tin tile from Home Depot.
I was planning to have Mr.Maison Decor router the edge,
but that quickly turned in to a disaster.
However it lead me to think of this solution,
and I really like the vintage look it adds.
It comes in sheets, 
and I cut it with scissors after tracing my shelf.
They sell an adhesive tape that sticks the tile to the surface.
Then I painted it to match the cabinets. 
My space above the window is shallow so I searched for small trays.
 I wanted to use pastel colored tole in the kitchen
so I found a few on Etsy. 
Turned out I couldn't see them up there, 
so I plopped two on the window sill.
They are all the same shape and size,
 but I needed to do a little repair work to one which was quite rusted.
It looked too worn and dull compared to the other trays.
 I taped the floral pattern off with blue tape 
and then sprayed it with some paint I had on hand,
otherwise it would have been cream.
You can see the tape being removed to reveal the saved artwork.
Then I used rub and buff to add the gilded edge to two of the trays. 
One was plain, the one lowest above was purchased in perfect condition.
You can't tell that the tray was painted!
 I plan to do a large one in turquoise next.
The pansies and the roses are from my garden,
and are in the old bottles found by my husband.
Like the inspiration pic, 
I hung some pastel trays around the kitchen.
I bought this pretty pink one for over the stove.
Quite shabby, with a reticulated edge.
 It has pink roses and purple violets.
A cute tole wall pocket was hung under the shelf.
I've had this pink tray for 20 years.
Pink tole is my favorite color.
I would love to add a farmers sink.
And marble counters....
The Dash and Albert rug has all the right colors.
I like the cottage look the tole brings to the kitchen.





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