My vintage aqua bicycle

This is the story of one abandoned bicycle.
It is a ladies Huffy bike and it was left for free
at the swap shop at our local dump.
My son was planning on refurbishing bikes,
but life got in the way.
So I had an idea.
 A decorator kind of idea.
I wanted to put this bike
as a cute prop in front of our house,
next to the pink swing.
But I never had painted a bike before.
And I wanted a cool color to go with pink.
I found this Krylon paint:
Ocean Breeze Blue at Walmart.
I taped the bike off with plastic bags and craft paper.
That was the hardest part,
mostly because I am not patient.
Then I started spraying.
This was the fun part.
I did two coats, one hour apart.
This bicycle looks amazing.
It took two hours flat.
 Where ever it sits it makes you smile.
Who cares about the flat tires anyway?
It is waiting to head back to Boston
to get parked next to the pink swing.
Waiting patiently in the driveway at the lakehouse.
I think it needs a basket though.

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