The Pink Swing

My dad made our family a white wooden porch swing in 1989. 
I had a little pink house with a cute front porch. 
Dad pictured a swing hanging on the front porch, 
and so he made this and presented it
 at Christmas that year, 21 years ago.
We waited for winter to pass and finally got to hang up our lovely swing.
You can barely see it at the end of the porch.
Here is the only picture I could find of the swing~
on Halloween, 20 years ago.
The white swing finally gained a home again in 2007 
when I married Dave and moved to this new home. 
Son #3 Colin is posing in front of his basement apartment.
Colin wasn't even born when my Dad made the swing.
Here they are 4 years after my dad made the swing.
The white swing looked nice in front of the pink house.
 But the white color of the swing fell flat in front of the light gray facade.
The swing became a casualty of my painting rampage this spring. 
I had to paint it a color. 
I liked it so much I made it the logo button for my blog.

This is how the porch area is going to look. 
I sketched this drawing to show the awning stripe curtains
that will enhance this space. Black & white awning stripes.
The door will be painted black.
Inspired all by The Pink Swing!

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